Friday, April 25, 2008

StressLess Living


This phrase has inspired to me a lot.
Today, i have read a book called STRESSLESS LIVING due to i have nothing to do at home instead of doing assignment..
Reading is good enough to us right?

TCK always says,
Reading can improve your writing skill, helps a lot when doing law.
The more you read, the more benefits you gain.
yea~ im totally agree!

Therefore, i'm starting to make use of it.
How long it can be lasted? i dunno~ try my best XP

Back to the topic,
today i have learnt a good lesson about Stress from that book.

No doubt, everybody also has stress.
Are you pressured? Stressed? Frustrated?
You are not alone, as i'm having it also.

SOmetimes we feel bored because we got nothing to do, but sometimes we are under stress when we have something to do.
We are stressed because we care about what we did, we scared we can't do it well, that's why we always under stress and anxiety.

Actually Stress happens to all of us, it's almost a guarantee that if you are alive and breathing, stress will eventually find you.
It is how we react under tention that builds our character, strengthens our moral fiber, and develop our inner strength.

I truly believe that God delivers me from the fire.However, there are many times He delivers me through the fire.
He gives us obstacles because He wants us learn to against the obstacles, helping us to grow up.
Where we fell down, there is the place that we have to stand up and continue to welcome the challanges.

A strong-willed person can lead to triumph.
Never give up to yourself.
Try to move form stressing to blessing!
Overcome the stress smartly and bravely, because there is a brighter and better life is waiting for you somewhere else.

HOW to overcome the stress??
i got some ideas~

- laughing ( the best medicine ever!)

- Crying ( ermm..sometimes i will use this method )

- Movies ( hehe..usually i will watch Pirates of the Caribbean when i feel stressed. Because Capt Jack can "heal" my bad mood! amazing?? XP )

- Sharing with friends ( yea..sometimes friends can give us some good advices)

DO your Best
Then God do the rest ^^

time to continue my assignment
will update the blog when i feel free :)