Friday, March 19, 2010

SS2: SJ oppa, welcome to Malaysia!

They are in KL now!!
Cant wait to see them tomorrow night!

I wonder I can sleep well tonight or not as I'm getting excited, getting HIGH right now!
Just finished packing~
I will go to sleep early later.
Tomorrow 8am bus. =D

I will be in KL for 2 days 1 night.
I guess it must be a tiring trip due to limited time.
Anyway, seeing them is more important than everything.
As long as the concert can be held successfully, then it's enough to me. =)

My Hannie, Hangeng is confirmed not coming already.
My heart is broken. =(
My anticipation to see him in person, his dancing, his solo part, is no longer come true anymore.
He disappoints MYelfs, he disappoints Gengfans, he disappoint me!! :'(

His absence won't ruin my concert mood~
Without him, I still can cheer for other members.
Such as,
I want to see how cute DONGHAE is..

I want to see how muscular SIWON is..

I want to see how pretty Heechul is ..

Hmm, since Hannie is not coming, meaning that I have no chance to see HANCHUL.
Hangeng + Heechul is my favorite SJ couple.

I'm bringing my dad's cam.
Wish me luck.
I hope the guards don't be so strict when they check our bags outside the entrance.
Wish me luck.
I don't want my cam to get confiscated. >.<>

I wish I can use my cam to capture blue ocean like this!

Okay, got to stop here. I need to off now. Will be back and share the concert few days later. Sorry Sorry Sorry Sorry... xD

Thursday, March 18, 2010

SS2: SJ Merchandise

I've got the stuff already!
Was just informed by the person who in-charge saying that the stuff would be delivered on Monday night, but I never expected that I could receive it on the following day.
What a fast and efficient good delivery service!! =D

Have seen the merchandises~

NICE and I'm very satisfied with the quality of the shirts.
Especially the mask~!! haha!
I feel like sharing mask with Hannie because it looks like exactly the same with his own mask. =D

I will be wearing the shirt and mask perhaps on that day to show my support to them!

Well~ this glow stick is not mine, it's just a display from somewhere else.
But somehow Li Chuang and Kim Ten have got the sticks from my net friend last week.
There are 14 sticks altogether. I will only get it when I meet them in KL ~

And the mini torch light as well.
The mini torch light plays important role when they sing SHINING STAR.
For your information, as MYelfs wish to impress SJ and create history, of course we have to do something special and different from other countries. On that night, when SJ sings SHINING STAR, the audiences need to create an environment where ALL GLOW STICKS are being switched off and switch on the MINI WHITE COLOUR TORCH LIGHT. Can you imagine that the effect will be as like shining little star blinking in the stadium. WHOA~
To be frank, there is no photo can be shared at here now, coz even I myself also haven't got the mini torch light yet.
Will be sharing next time =)

Saja crap

Just taken a plate of THIS as lunch during my break time.
Guess how much was it?

RM 3.10!!!!

I know eating at college's cafeteria is very expensive if compared than eating outside..
but since we are not going out, so we choose to eat at coll.
Who knows, I just took a boiled egg + a small hash brown and some rice
they can also simply charge people so expensive.
The price that they charged us was really unreasonable.
Damn u, B**B*****

Complain also no use.
Next time I shall consider DA BAO and take go to coll.
Even a small pack of Nasi Lemak also better than THIS.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Upcoming drama to be anticipated right now

OH! MY LADY is Siwon new drama.
For sure I will watch it and get crazy over to it.
I'm not sure whether the drama nice or not, but it seems like quite interesting when I watched the trailer. The main reason that this drama can catch my attention is because of the cast.

SIWON(崔始源) n CHAE RIM (蔡琳)!!

God! He is so hot~~!! SEXY!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

SS2: SS2 in Malaysia Promo Video

Wohoo..10 more days!
TV been started advertising about the concert already!
And the promo video is out!
Take a look! Leeteuk is so cute speaking Malay!

'Hi, Apa Khabar, kami Super Junior'..

Saturday, March 6, 2010

SS2: 13 days more

13 days more~~~
I'm going to KL

13 days more~~~
It is my third time going to see concert

13 days more~~~
The K-Pop sensation comes to attack

13 days more~~~
SJ is coming

13 days more~~~
I can see how Korean guys look like

13 days more~~~
13 members will come to meet their ELFs

13 days more~~~
I can witness how hot the 2009 Asia most hit song, Sorry Sorry
dance is

13 days more~~~
I will be dying from their hotness, craziness and sexiness

13 days more~~~
The Stadium Putra Bukit Jalil will be full of crowd and blue glow sticks

13 days more~~~
The scenery of Blue Ocean will be captured on my mind forever.

13 days more~~~
Whether or not my beloved Hannie coming along, there will be an answer

13 days more~~~
Super Show 2 live in KL

13 days more~~~
320, will be one of my unforgettable days in my entire life

Just countdown,
13 days more~~~~~~

New Sem begins

3 and half months long term holiday has ended finally~
Should I feel happy or sad?
I feel happy as my brain can start functioning again.. The hectic assignment life comes back to me again~ fun huh?!.. =.=!!!
At the same time, I feel sad coz I'm still in holiday mood. I want holiday more!
It's so confusing.

I don't like this sem!
Know why?
Coz the timetable arrangement is like SHIT!
4 days class become 5 days class, and Tues, Thurs and Fri just have 1-2 hour class only!
There is no class on Monday initially, but stupid XXX suddenly changed her class from Wed to Mon. We tried to negotiate with her and asked her to change to other day, but failed. Her ignorance makes me so fed up! argh.. =(

Everyday travels to school is tiring and boring.
I feel like want to stay in my Penang's old house again. It's a not bad idea because can save petrol and toll. Anyway, I still prefer to stay in my own house. So, just forget about it.

I take 4 subjects this sem~
Corporation Law
Communication In Business
External Reporting (Accounting)
Finance Quantitative Techniques

These few days I'm busy looking for second hand book. Wanna save cost as much as possible. =D
I know it's useless and wasting time for me to keep complaining about the timetable, as at the end we still have to follow the rules. The classes are still going on. haiz..~So, the only hope is that this 12 weeks can pass quickly so that I can finish the sem faster.
Hmm, It's year 2 sem1 now. 2 more years to go. I must study hard and put more efforts on this sem. Don't play play anymore.