Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Something Interesting here.



在法国进修音乐硕士班的杨雅晴在她的博客上表示,三年前曾突发奇想要跟一百个人亲嘴,并且拍照存证。当她把想法告诉友人后,有人说她疯了,“这跟和100 个人上床有甚么两样?你有这么饥渴吗?”他们认为这种行为跟荡妇女巫没差别,杨雅晴因此压抑念头。 在巴黎留学近两年,今年夏天杨雅晴又浮起吻百个男人的狂想。她觉得虽然留学两年可拿到文凭,但缺少了让她“永远自豪的丰硕成果”。在“我想要的,我都有勇 气、有能力实现”的想法下,她毅然实行“在巴黎吻百个男人”,并找来摄影师拍照,准备将经历出书。

杨雅晴在博客中留言:我很感谢支持我的家人、朋友,给我的鼓励,这些温暖会一直留在我心里、我身旁,也很感谢愿意留言表 示支持的网友,尤其是留公开留言的朋友,很谢谢你们,最后,我最想要感谢的是我的摄影师向振华,很谢谢你陪我走这个计划,很谢谢有你在!今天不好过是没有 错,但……热潮后,天空还是蓝的,云也还是白的,地球照样转,而这些都会退去。


Lolz..I'm speechless.
After reading her blog, I found that..
Some people might think that she is crazy, but some people admire her bravery.
Some readers anti her whereas some support her.
For me, it's quite interesting to me. Just read it for fun.
As we know that, there are various kind of people in this world..
She isn't crazy~ I guess that it's type of ART in her own perspective.
But just wondering that H1N1 is so serious nowadays, she still dares to do so?

By the way, her blog is really interesting.
Do take a look if you're interested.
Need to mention that, the photographer is so pro in taking those pictures. The pictures look so artistic and romantic. Nice!


Saturday, September 19, 2009

祝你一路顺风 Bon Voyage!!

18 March 2007, was the first day we met each other.
Thanks to NS, providing me a chance to know you.
You are such a helpful and kind-hearted girl. U did help me a lot during NS life, and its my pleasure to be your friend.
Although I've moved to other camp few days later, but our friendship is always staying in my heart. I cherish it.

I thought we wont be keeping contact again.
Fortunately, God led us to meet each other at INTI few months later after the NS training.
We took TAFE. We studied together. We played together, and done our diploma together.

2 years past rapidly, we are graduated. And yet, you aren't taking Curtin with us.
Today, you're leaving to UK for your degree studies.
We are no longer to be classmate anymore.
But, you'll be missed and blessed.

I will miss you always~!
Do take care and wish you all the best for all ur undertakings in UK.
Start a new fresh life and enjoy ur studies life~
Don't forget me k..
Keep in touch!

深深的祝福你 最亲爱的朋友


Sunday, September 13, 2009

Highlights of the Camerom Highland Family Trip (Part 2)

On the next morning, we woke up at 6 something. Outside was damn freezing COLD!!
However, I insisted taking shower as I needed to wash my hair~ Haha!
C.O.L.D and F.O.G.G.Y!!!!

We took American Breakfast before we set off to BOH Tea Plantation..

Pictures speak thousand words..
These are our Highlights of the day. =)

What A Nice Greenery View!

Photo taking again after we went back to Father Guest House at noon.

A famous Smoke House which is located at the road side. Just dropped by to take photo.

We left Cameron on the third day morning.
Below are the pics that taken while we were on the way down from the hill.
So foggy huh..