Thursday, September 3, 2009

Eons Test/ Final Destination/ SS501

I've just done my Economic test at 9am.
After that, I straightaway went home.

The paper is so HARD.
Maybe I got no basic at all, so its quite challenging to me.
I dun even have enough time to finish the paper, left the last 5 questions!!!
Simply TIANG lo.
Sigh.. =.=

I will go SUNWAY watching The Final Destination 4 at 2pm.
I never seen the previous episodes before.
So, what should I expect for?
Bloody scenes??!
No way!
I totally cannot digest at all if I watched those horrible or scary scenes.
I think I shall close eyes and my ears later.

Oyea, Korean Boyband- SS501 is here right now!!!
They will be having fan meeting this evening.
Lolx. Its held in KL.
How good if they come to Penang.
I wanna see Kim Hyun Joong~~ Ji Hoo!!

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D@wen said...

Hey! You wrote this post before went for movie with us??? Wow! Haha! Anyway, this movie just ok only, as most of the time I less watch this type of movie, but I like the girl who played Lori's role. She is Shantel Yvonne VanSanten, an actress and also a model from America. Pretty!