Saturday, August 30, 2008

Life is unpredictable

Was caught in the bridge jam when on the way back to Butterworth

Been receiving my dad's call, saying that later when reaching home,
don't enter from the main door, have to enter from back lane.
I was wondering why he said so.

When I reached home, I discovered that there is somebody passed away in front of my house.
Quite a number of people are busy to build tents in front of that house.

And I saw a coffin too.
Im not sure whether who had passed away, my family n I are still guessing of it..
Anyway, nobody wants this tragedy happened
I suddendly feel that life is so unpredictable.
Maybe yesterday that person is still alive, and somemore talks with you, but then after a night, that person suddendly is gone~~~~
Just imagine's really unacceptable!
Therefore, we must cherish life, cherish every single day, every single time, single moment
as well as the one whom u love!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

佘诗曼陷4角畸恋 吴卓羲暗勾女 陈浩民再示爱






Monday, August 25, 2008


I was completely electrified by him when i watched the olympic show!

He is one of the commentators that representing TVB during olympic.

Yo~ How cute he is!

Mayb his hair style is the most attractive part!

Yes! I love his hair style!! HAhahaHA!

eii, do not underestimate him le..
he is actually a former olympian too! ( HK's swimmer)

Sunday, August 24, 2008


it is time 1350 now
another 7 hours and 10 mins~
the closing ceremony will be started in bird nest!
what i know is, Bleeding love- Leona Lewis will perform at the closing ceremony, representing the change from Beijing to London!!!!!!
her voice is so great, it must be a good show tonight!!!
can't wait for it!
i just feel extremely excited now!!

LOvEly Gal

Kanaeva wins gold for Russia

BEIJING (Reuters) - Russia's Evgeniya Kanaeva easily outclassed her rivals with routines oozing grace and charm to win the Olympic rhythmic gymnastics all-around gold on Saturday.

Picking up the top scores on all four apparatus -- hoop, ribbon, rope and clubs -- the European champion notched a total of 75.500 points, a comfortable 3.575 more than Inna Zhukova of Belarus.

Ukraine's world champion Anna Bessonova took bronze, matching her 2004 Athens achievement. She edged out Russia's 2005 world champion Olga Kapranova, whose botched clubs routine cost her dearly.

"I was extremely happy, I was very glad for myself for my coach and all the crowd," a smiling Kanaeva told a news conference. "I'm just someone who loves the performance, I love performing in front of the crowd."

Kanaeva was the third successive Russian to win the title after Alina Kabaeva (my favourite artistic gymnast) in 2004 and Yulia Barsukova in 2000 in a discipline traditionally dominated by former Soviet states.

source from~

Ryhthmic gymnastic is my favourate olympic event all the time!
It is the most beautiful, elegant and wonderful event among all the games~
I love watching it!
I've spent this whole day, sitting in front of the tv and watched it non-stoply.
At noon I watched Synchronized Swimming while night time i waited for the Rhythmic Gymnastic. hehehe!!
The gold medalist for both events also come from Russia!! That's Cool!!
Back to the early topic, Kanaeva did a very great performance in that competition!!
And she is the most pretty among all the gymnasts. She's sweet!! AND, she's just 17 years old if im not mistaken~~~ lol...
Hehehe!! I like to see her!

Gold medallist Evgeniya Kanaeva of Russia poses during the medal ceremony for the individual all-around of the rhythmic gymnastics competition at the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games August 23, 2008.

The pics that I took from tv purposely..aahahahxx!
Pretty or not??!

However, I still prefer another artistic gymnast who also come from Russia, Alina Kabaeva. Unluckly, she din participate in this beijing olympic. She is the world champion as well as former gold medalist in last previous olympics~!

Alina Kabaeva's performance in Athens Olympic ^^

Friday, August 22, 2008

Unspoken feeling

A pic speaks thousand words..


Sunday, August 17, 2008

Pretty Olympians~!!

LengLui also good in sport!

GUO JingJing 郭晶晶

By scoring the 415.35 points, this diva diver became the most prolific women's diving medallist in Olympic history on Sunday when she retained her three-metre springboard crown.
She won a gold medal again!

Guo Jingjing, the best diver ever ! ^^

Australian Sweetie- Stephanie Rice
SHE Is Hot!!

Stephanie has won 3 gold medals so far at the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing. She is only the fifth athlete in Australian history to win three medals at one Olympic Games.

Michael Phelps and RIce ^^

Look at her Expression!! How Sampat she is!! HAHAHA!!

Somehow, she's pretty~!!

SuperFish~ Michael Phelps

Hey, this handsome guy is so awesome!
Eight events. Eight golds. Seven world records!!!

He is the greatest swimmer in the world now!
He has become the most susseessful Olympian ever

The US swimmer -Michael Phelps has done what no other athlete in Olympic history has done - won eight gold medals in a single Games.
His eighth gold medal came in the 4x100 metres medley relay, the final event of the Olympic swimming programme, and was accompanied by another world record.

He won an unprecedented eighth gold medal in the medley relay in world-record time.
Eight events. Eight golds. Seven world records!
Omg!!How great he is!!!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Is Curtin my final decision?

Been asking myself these few days,
How to proceed my degree in this coming year?
Go to Australia?
Continue at here?

If I direct go Curtin after finishing sem 3, is that a good option for me?
But I think I will finish until sem 4.

There are 3 ways for me to decide if taking Curtin programme.
1) It can be completed locally, then I can be coursemate with Yirn..
2) Go oversea at the final sem/year.
3) Direct go oversea at the beginning of this programme.
Just choose either 1.

Err, if I choose this programme, I'll not going to Melbourne as there is no campus/branch available at there. Monash U or Melbourne U will be my preferable choice if I go there, but both of these U are 5 star rating, it might be a bit hard to enter in.

If Melbourne is my choice, then I will not taking Curtin programme. But, studying+ living expenses at Melbourne will cost me around RM 120,000 per year! 3 years = RM360,000!!! HOW?!!

If I take Curtin, I will say byebye to Melbourne.
Anyway, the final decision is on my parents hand.
I can't decide anything..

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Ivian's Birthday Celebration (part 1)

Well, in the last 2 days, was Ivian's 18th birthday.
I think she's happy on that day, as we have arranged some surprises to her!!
6 of us, including Fujing, were having lunch at Johnny after class
Makan Tomyam Steamboat!!

The tomyam soup was very HOT & SPICY!!!
Err,not bad overall~ hehehe..
But,That was not come to the end yet.
Hx's rumoured bf (BMW guy) has brought us a birthday cake after we finish the meal.
We sang birthday song to birthday girl and took a couple of pics together.

We also bought her a SEED handbag as birthday present.
VERY SIM one le...match with her surname! hahaaha!!
Hope she will like it!^^