Thursday, August 7, 2008

He is still waiting her!!



  浩民在访问中强烈否认自己是花花公子,只是多朋友,且女性朋友较多而已。现时仍然单身的他,坦言现阶段也不想有爱情发生,并自爆曾经有一段感情,当时更以为可以走进教堂,可惜最后仍无疾而终,令他对感情失去安全感。但经一事长一智,从中他亦有所启发,就是“当你不珍惜时就不会觉得可惜”。 问他与佘诗曼的一段情可否挽回?他道:“我仍然在等。”并谓之前没有公开承认与阿佘的恋情,是基于大家都懂得互相尊重。



Oh My!
Finally, he has admited his relationship with Charmaine Sheh!!
Remember that I was their super duper fan during my schooling time
How I wished that they were a real couple, not the rumour one...
I even hoped that they can get married also.. hehehe!!
But some how, that was already became past tense.
Now, I can't expect anything to both of them anymore
Since they ended up their 4 years of relationship and broke up last year,
and I felt so shocked when I knew it, or even can't accept it at the same time, later on, there was no more about their news that connected to each other eventually~
And what's their valuable news nowadays are...
He was caught to hang out with other gal, while she was dating with another new rumoured bf -- Ron Ng!!

OMG! I hate she connects with this guy! Hopefully that is not a truth!

I still prefer her with Benny Chan!
I ain't hoping they can get together again,
but at least, they are still the perfect one in my heart!
By the way,
Benny said that he was still waiting, I hope that he can really do so,
DON'T dissapoint me again k??

Anyhow, for Ah Sheh, I just want her to be happy.
Whoever she chooses, I will wish her happiness except THAT GUY!

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jerry said...

he waiting but nt mean sheh vil accept him again
nvm lar
juz ur hope them vil be 2 gether rite??
u can use ur nx year bufday wish 2 wish them