Thursday, October 28, 2010

Dancing is part of my life now

It has been a long long time I no update my blog.
I know I'm lazy. xD

Well, I will be back after I finish my final which is coming soon in 3 weeks later.

hmm, lately I'm quite busy with the flash mob training.
The dances that I'm learning now include MJ's Smooth Criminal and Thriller, Britney Spears's Circus (SNSD version), SJ's Sorry Sorry, WG's Nobody, etc ~~ To be honest, Sorry Sorry is not easy to learn especially the hand's part. It's confusing. But I know the techniques and master it after I kept on practicing on that. ^^

Out of so many dances, I love Circus the most.
Sexy and nice choreographed.
(yet I still need to train myself how to dance sexier~ LOL)

Last but not least, of course I still continue my Modern Jazz class weekly. Learning Genie now. Anyway it's not as same as SNSD's, ermm, it's in Jazz style that newly choreographed by my instructor, Mr Ng Kai Beng.