Sunday, June 28, 2009

Super Junior @ 20th Golden Melody Award!

I was extremely excited yesterday as Suju performed and was being a presenter at Golden Melody Award. I missed the red carpet part actually..coz I din know that the show is started at 5.30pm!!! While the time I switch on astro 301, it's Mayday turn to walk along the red carpet ( Yeongli and MK should watch it. Ashin is handsome!) I missed SJ's part. lolx. (It's alright, I still can watch through youtube or worries! haha)

Left: Siwon, Hangeng and Dong Hae (my top 3!!)

Interviewed by MC

Red Carpet

The award is started at 6.45pm. Super Junior is not only the guest performers for this year Golden Award Show but also an award presenter with Ariel Lin for the first award. But the glamour of these few guys are just too amazing, every movement of them will just make fans screaming away, this was lead to dissatisfied of the TV viewer who felt that the fans doesn’t have any manner. Hangeng who was the speaker throughout the first award with Ariel Lin as he is the only one in Super Junior who can speak Chinese and the rest of the members just stood at the back. Hangeng is sososo handsome! Im melted!! Ariel Lin is pretty too. Both are my favourite!!

韩庚依晨配。。不错!! =D

Super Junior was awesome in their performance as they sang “It’s You” and “Sorry, Sorry” to the delight of the audience. Sungmin, who was hurt on Music Bank on Friday, appeared on top of the stage but later joined the group in the “Sorry, Sorry” performance.

Share u guys some relevant articles and video clips.

They reached Taiwan's Airport..Another Korean Boy Band-SS501 also reached there at the same time!

金曲奖Super Junior太红 网友嫌粉丝太吵?

Super Junior不但担任本届金曲奖的表演嘉宾,也和林依晨一起合颁第一个奖项,不过几个大男孩的魅力可能真的太惊人了,一举一动都让台下的粉丝陷入疯狂尖叫,这也引起部分电视机前观众的不满,觉得粉丝们似乎有点没有礼貌?

  据台湾媒体报道,本届星光大道的两旁,挤满了许多手上拿着韩文字牌的粉丝,而这些少女们全都是为了Super Junior而来。Super Junior一现身,两旁的粉丝便开始疯狂高分贝的尖叫,当他们进场后,星光大道两旁的群众也瞬间少了一大半,因为大部分的人几乎都尾随他们一起进到会场了。

  典礼开始后,第一个奖项的颁奖人,就是Super Junior和林依晨,因为团员中只有韩庚会讲中文,所以由他来担任主要的颁奖人,其余的成员则是站在后面;不过许多电视机前面的观众却发现,除了韩庚以外的团员似乎在后面交头接耳讲悄悄话,还不时指向观众席,对着自己的粉丝们挥手,而他们的一举一动,都换来台下粉丝们的疯狂尖叫。

  由于尖叫声的分贝太高,一度还盖过了颁奖人与领奖人的发言音量,导致许多观众、网友认为粉丝这样的行为似乎有点不太礼貌。不过也有人觉得,会尖叫才叫做“粉丝”,而且人家韩国团体愿意千里迢迢来台湾参加颁奖典礼,代表对台湾的重视与尊重,Super Junior只是单纯想要炒热现场气氛,并没有恶意。

  但网友还是认为,无论如何这是一个隆重的颁奖典礼,并非Super Junior的演唱会,所以希望粉丝们可以稍微冷静一点,至少不要影响到典礼的进行。


据台湾媒体报道,“尖叫声”可能是本届金曲奖让人印象最深的地方,因为韩国团体Super Junior的超人气,让他们的表演节目一登场,整个小巨蛋似乎都陷入了疯狂的尖叫声中。一连两首动感歌曲,台上的Super Junior表演的十分认真,台下的粉丝尖叫声也从来没有断过,甚至盖过他们的歌声。

  本届金曲奖表演节目之一的“Love Love JUNIOR 爱·是你”,由韩国团体Super Junior担当演出,先前因为台湾电视节目曾模仿过他们的经典歌曲《sorry, sorry》,让山寨版的《搜哩搜哩》成了网上的热门影片,也让这段节目成了当晚最受期待的节目之一。在正版的Super Junior登场前,台湾的山寨版阿KEN和纳豆,和主持人陶晶莹、侯佩岑也一起来了段《搜哩搜哩》。

  对于山寨版的表演,观众的反应也相当热烈,但有网友觉得山寨版少了陈汉典有点可惜。当正版登场,现场粉丝近乎失控,尖叫声的分贝之高,感觉都要把小巨蛋的屋顶给掀了。Super Junior带来的第一首歌《It's you》,是他们海外第一次公开的演出;而第二首歌正是万众期待的《sorry, sorry》,只见现场前奏一下,粉丝就跟着“DANCE,DANCE”的呼喊,现场彷彿是Super Junior的演唱会。

  Super Junior一连串的又唱又跳,全场粉丝的尖叫声从来没有间断过,而当每个人独唱或是独秀舞蹈时,尖叫声又会突然冲高,不过这样的尖叫声,多少也影响了其他人观赏节目,因为声音几乎是盖过了他们的演唱。也有电视机前面的观众反应,此次典礼的收音似乎不太好,歌迷一尖叫,台上唱什么都听不到了。另一方面,也有不少网友对于只有第一首歌是LIVE,第二首《sorry, sorry》却疑似是对嘴感到相当失望。


题外话:所谓山寨版的Super Junior, 就在这里。请看!爆笑!!!!!!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

My 20th Birthday

My birthday was over.
Nothing special this year as stupid final ruined everything again..
However, I feel glad and appreciate to my best friends who were willing to spend their time with me, giving me a very special and wonderful birthday surprise this year.

28 May 2009-a fruitful and memorable day for me.
It was my idol, Charmaine Sheh's birthday, my class farewell and my early birthday celebration.

I never thought that they would celebrate birthday for me. It was unexpected.
At first, Hooi Chin just asked me to go for a movie with Yen Shan and Li Chuang. Surprisingly, when the time I met them, I saw Yirn, Gcc, Dawen and Zi Hao too! I was shocked and stunned at that moment..Few seconds later I only realised that they cheated me~Hmm, that was a successful surprise indeed for them since I didnt know everything actually..All is under planned.

Im touched seriously. Thanks!
And thanks for the present too. haha!
I will use it frequently. hehe!

Special thanks to Zi Hao for the editted photos. Nice =)

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Primary Schoolmate Gathering.

Date: 20th June 2009
Time: 8.30pm-12.00am ( I was late xP)
Venue: Kocha Kopitiam

We had a nice gathering yesterday.
Although Im having final now, but then I still attend as this gathering was held once in a blue moon, therefore I should cherish it.

Well, I reached there at 9pm even though some of them have already started their "high tea" conversation. It was a nice and memorable gathering indeed. We talked alot of our childhood stuff and the gossip as well.

Apart of this, our former class teacher, Mr Ang ( ice kacang =P) was also been invited to this gathering too. He was LATE since he had to attend for another dinner before coming to meet us. While the time he reached Kocha, it was already 11pm. Lolx.
He didnt change alot seriously. The way he speaks, no difference at all. But he couldnt recall back my name. Luckily he could recognice me. haha!

Will it be another gathering again?
Let's look forward to it.

Friday, June 12, 2009

12 June 2009

Today is the day which I hit on the BIG 2.
Thanks for my fellow friends who wish me through sms, facebook, phone call or whatever.
Really thanks alot!!!
But, very upset as I couldnt enjoy it well.
Final will be started on next week.
I got no confidence at all!
Especially TAX. Killing me enough!



Anyway, still feel happy and warm as many friends and my family support me mentally and again, thank you so much!

Would like to wish another birthday boy,
Lee Zhen Yi, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to u too!!! =D

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Random Pics- Farewell 280509

Date: 28th May 2009
Time: 1pm-3pm
Venue: Inti College's Cafeteria
Objective: Having potluck with classmates and lecturers.

Since I haven't got all the pictures yet, I just upload some of the ramdom pics which taken from my fellow friends.
More updates will be coming soon.

My fellows.

With Mdm. Punita

With Ms. Lim Tan Chin and Mr. Tan Chee Keong

Purple Gang. Honestly, we never pakat to wear same colour's shirt.
Just a coincidence.

Hooi Xuan



Mooi Kheng

Fu Jing


Li Fen





Christine, Cindy and I

Xiang Yin


Siew Shan

Lay Ai

Chinese Friend~ Liu Yang

To Be Continued..