Friday, February 27, 2009


"When the phone rings, green green,
I pink up the phone,
and say yellow, blue is this?
white do you want? there is no red-ply
so I say, u don't purple-ly call me,
u make me angrey, i will not call u black~~~"


Amazing Discovery~Yellow and Pink

Yellow Gang~ Joanna, Christine, Tahnee, Amanda (Chinese fren ^^), Lay Ai and Li Fen

Pinky Gang~ Yeongli, Chien Wei, Gwen, Hooi Xuan, FuJing and Gelinder
How poor that I did not belong to this group as well as Mooi Kheng. We were in different colour attire.

"Do you notice that there are 2 gangs with 2 types of colour?
Yea, that's what been discovered in my class today.
We never "pakat" to each other, that's just a real coincidence!!!
We have made a history for TAFE Sem 4!!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Sakae Sushi & "Ah Chem".

Ivian Sim and I went to have a delicious dinner after our 6pm class.
Went to Queensbay for window shopping and also taken dinner at Sakae Sushi.
As usual, I ordered the Terriyaki Chicken with rice. It's quite economy and yummy!

During 11.30pm, LBS, Li Qian and their another Indian fren came to my house with a SPECIAL GUEST. It's puddle! LBS punya and just 2 months old. Its name called AH CHEM. wahaha! What a weird name. The puppy is so cute! I kept playing with it!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Valentine Day~包花记

14th Feb, how special for that day, I think there is nothing to talk much here.
Since every couple enjoyed their day with their beloved, I got myself involved along too actually. Haha! It just the matter of how did I celebrate it only.

Well, I ain't celebrate with anyone else, but with bunches of flowers. How come le? You must be wondering why I say so right?? ^^

Okay, it was a part time job (or can be considered as voluntary work more accurately) offered by my friend. I was told that whether could I help wrapping flowers during Valentine Day period at florist shop. That florist shop is owned by my friend tauke's wife. Since I wanted to get some income lately, I said OK to his invitation. I helped and have learnt alot of things within that 2 days here. I learnt the way of how to wrap the roses into bouquets as gifts. There were quite a number of steps have to be beared in mind. Initially, I cant make myself used to it, therefore, it took almost half and hour to wrap a bouquet of flower. Quite slow already. hmm, for your information, different flower has different wrapping style. That's why I can learn new stuff during working. hehe!

Besides, I saw many people, coming over here to buy flower too. No matter young teenagers, OL, working men, housewives, etc..they bought flowers just only for one reason. It was mainly dedicated to their beloved. Eii, you got to know that, buying a bouquet of flower is not as cheap as u thought. The prices were based on the number of roses that you bought. 1 rose costs RM25 already. Imagine that if there was people bought above 50 roses?! my god! Do not hesitate with it, there were many cases really happened at here.

Hmm, somehow it was a good experience for me. Instead of envy~ing people having sweet date with their love, I rather choosing some meaningful activities to lighthen up my day and happy. Morever I got commission for that work also. Hehe.

At least worthy la weii...

~Pictures Sharing~

What a mess, after standing for 9 hours to do the wrapping. hehe!

A visit to Kek Lok Si

Opps! It's been "ages" I din update my blog already~ haha!
Anyway, now is the time! ^^

I'm pretty sure that almost every Penangite(I mean Chinese) has been
to Kek Lok Si, don't you think so?

I went there on the 15th day of CNY with my family after my last visit around 10-12 years ago.

Okay, without writting too much,
Let me show you the nice pictures which have been taken on that night.
Enjoy! ^^

Little Pig! Cute right?!

Snake~ My chinese zodiac

Ox~ The year of 2009

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

CNY 2009

Time flies rapidly..
Chinese New Year has ended.
How did I spend my CNY in this year?
Hmm..Let the pictures tell u everything.

25 Jan 09 ( Chinese New Year Eve)

-A fruitful Reunion Dinner
-At my uncle's house
-Cooked by my lovely granny
-Started at 5.30pm -6.30pm

Chuby Gals

Family Picture.

-Night Time.
-Lighthen up my house with Tanglungs
-Was watching tv in living room..
-Enjoying chinese new year tidbits while watching tv programmes

Bro played firecrakers at my house compound. Mom joined along..LOL..

26 Jan 09 ( 1st day of CNY)

-Angpao please... xD
-Went to my Ah-Ma's house
-Located at Sg.Bakap, Jawi
-Steamboat as lunch
-Played with GUCHIK (GUCCI??) cousin's puppy, wondering why this puppy is given such funny name.

-Then went back to my uncle's house
-My aunty's Japanese boyfriend, Uncle Okadasan who was from KL paying us a visit.
-He performed magic to the kids..

Show time.

27 Jan 09 ( 2nd day of CNY)

-Paid visit at my relative's houses
-All was located at Penang.
-Eat, drink and get red packets whenever to each of their houses.
-Chit-chatting among the adults ( not including me and the youngsters coz of the 'generation gap'.) xP

First house, Ah Moii Cheh's house.

Second house

Third house, my Great Grandmother's house.

She is aged 90 something now. Wishing her to stay healthy!

Okay, for the rest of the days of cny, I just stayed at home enjoying the new year atmosphere. Dad and mom have been starting their work on the 3rd day of cny as well as my siblings too. They started their class on the 8th day. Besides, I did also watch many movies in cinema during the celebration, such as 赤壁 and 家有喜事2009. Hmm, let's talk about the movies. 赤壁 is a Must-Watch movie of mine as I have watched the first episode last year. I'm a fan of this movie. Damn nice and awesome. I love the three kingdom story..hehe! Whereas the 家有喜事09 is not bad to watch also. Hilarious and interesting. Instead of laughing non-stoply, I also like to see Loius Koo! Incredibly handsome and cool o..

hmm..this fellow 'imitates' OO7 one eh~~ =P

That's my CNY of 2009. Simple yet meaningful. But my Aussie aunty didnt come back to join us in this year. What a sad case. However, she will be back soon on this coming August. Yeahh!