Thursday, February 26, 2009

Sakae Sushi & "Ah Chem".

Ivian Sim and I went to have a delicious dinner after our 6pm class.
Went to Queensbay for window shopping and also taken dinner at Sakae Sushi.
As usual, I ordered the Terriyaki Chicken with rice. It's quite economy and yummy!

During 11.30pm, LBS, Li Qian and their another Indian fren came to my house with a SPECIAL GUEST. It's puddle! LBS punya and just 2 months old. Its name called AH CHEM. wahaha! What a weird name. The puppy is so cute! I kept playing with it!


jerry said...

u wait me
tis weekend i vil be da dog 保姆
then i vil show u our house de coco

Joanna said...

Then I'll wait and see!

gwen said...

hey jo. u love teriyaki chicken also? me too. its a MUST for me to order it whenever i dine at sakae. heehee ~ btw, the puppy is SO CUTEEE !!

Li Qian said...

ah chem !!!! =D hahaha

Anonymous said...

I know what u eat!!!
me so geng!!!
Teriyaki chicken don,kizami unagi gunkan,plain rice,ocha...