Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Birthday Celebration @ Sakae Sushi & Ice-ice Baby

Sorry for late update.
Coz I was waiting the photos from Jojo and now,
I got all the photos already. Hehe.

We celebrated birthday for our best fren, Yen Shan a.k.a 鸽太太 (somebody kinda LOVES 杨宗纬) earlier before Chinese New Year as we were scared that we unable to gather up together after everyone is back to school. Hehe..It was a surprise for her on that night. 鸽太 didnt know what we did for her, she thought that was just an ordinary gathering. hahahaa!

Okay, first of all, we took our dinner at Sakae Sushi @ Sunway Mall. Johan served us.
I ordered a yummy set meal. (err..forgotten what it called d..duno what teriyakki chicken~..)
We crapped alot and laughed loudly whenever there were jokes or gossips sharing to each other.
We also met many CLB old friends such as He Xiang, Xinyi with her bf~ waoo..

I saw Jin Xiang (center) playing Yang Qin on the stage before going to meet them.
They performed Chinese New Year's songs~

Our next stop was Ice-ice Baby since we cant stay too long at Sakae.. Yuan Zhen and Tze Suen were unable to join along as they had to go back earlier. Which means, then there will be left 4 of us. Since the night was still young, we decided to proceed our gathering at Autocity. We enjoyed Leehom's songs in the car while on the way to the destination. We all were totally~deeply attracted by Leehom's dreamy and sexy voice! Lol..

Special Birthday's cake! hehe

A Birthday Card special to her

Leehom's album which is imported from Taiwan~ special for her too!

We gave 鸽太 a very special surprise in Ice-ice Baby. We asked the waiteress to light a candle on the dessert and sang birthday song to 鸽太when the dessert was being served in front of her. hahaha! She was surprised! Yeah, we have given her a surprise successfully! Applause!!! kekekx

Anyway, 鸽太's 20th birthday falls on 6th Feb. Again~~I wish her Happy Birthday in advance and wish her dreams come true. 快D揾番个真正的“鸽先生”咯!!

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josephine said...

Yaya..totally agree with u that
'We all were totally~deeply attracted by Leehom's dreamy and sexy voice!' ~~

Agian, happy Bday to shan !!!
all d best to her n may all her dream come true~~