Saturday, December 4, 2010

7 days before leaving- A dinner with chingu

1st December 2010, the first day of the month of December.
Time flies, 2010 ends soon. =.=
That night I had a nice dinner with my chingu at Victoria Station.
I was actually planning to bring him to Clinic Cafe for dinner, but ended up we went to Victoria Station as Clinic was closed on that day.

I seldom go there for having meal. If I'm not wrong, so far I've just been there two times only.
Nice atmosphere there but the food is pretty expensive. lolz
I forgot to bring camera, so really thanks to my chingu to be the camera man.

Let the pictures do the talking. =)

After the dinner, since it was still early,
we then continued our second round makan at Chai Leng Park's Wei Sek Gai.
Seriously, I never tried Lok Lok before but finally I know how it tastes like after having the first try that night. =D

Chingu, it was a nice dinner and great time we had on that night.
Let's go again when I'm back from Australia then.