Monday, October 27, 2008

HSM3: RANK 1 in Weekend Box Office

Cast member Ashley Tisdale poses at the premiere of the movie "High School Musical 3: Senior Year" at Galen Center in Los Angeles October 16, 2008.

LOS ANGELES, Oct. 26 (Xinhua) -- "High School Musical 3: SeniorYear" danced to the top of worldwide box office this weekend, as the Disney teenager film taking in 42 million U.S. dollars in North America and 40 million dollars overseas in its opening weekend, according to studio estimates released Sunday.

The first big-screen adaptation of Disney's popular television movie series has racked up the best opening receipts for a movie musical ever in Hollywood's history, overpassing the ABBA-inspired "Mama Mia," which set the previous opening record for a musical with 27.8 million dollars in July.

It also became the first global box office leader since the sixth Batman film "The Dark Knight" was released in July.

"High School Musical 3," which tells the story of students of a fictional New Mexico high school preparing for their graduation performance and attracts audience comprising mostly pre-teen girls and their families, opened in the United States and Canada this weekend simultaneously with 23 overseas markets, including Britain, Germany and Spain.






Sunday, October 26, 2008

Missed the chance!

25 Oct 2008
was the most anticipated date to meet TVB artiste, Lam Fung at Autocity
Jojo and I purposely went there, and really wanted to meet him face to face!
But, I couldn't make it~!
I have missed the chance
Cause, I can't get the VIP ticket and didn't buy his album..
Got a little bit "Heart Pain" as I din really meet him even though he was there!!!

To whom should I blame? Cant blame anyone also..juz blame myself~!!
If I was willing to spend RM40 and buy his album at that time..everything will be different!
I can go up to the stage and SHAKE HANDS with HIM, TALK with HIM!!
If I have the chance to talk with him..I'm sure I will tell him>>>

Then, at this moment..
Perhaps..I will still get excited now
Perhaps..I will keep thinking of him now

But somehow..
I have missed the chance at last..
I just can see him from far distance...
He was dressed casually, just exactly looked like GUN KA ZAI

He didnt sing as he was not feeling well~
I wanted to listen 爱不疚!!! DISAPPOINTED!
Been Waiting and standing at there for few hours, and even packed with the crowd like HELL,
Just because wanted to listen to his dreamy voice mah~~
Yooooo....Felt upset u know?!

So envy yeongli, chien wei and his brother
They got the chance! They deserved it!! haha!
CONGRATES to them!!!!
Feels happy and excited with them too!!
Although I can't get into the VIP zone~

And, Gwen is lucky too!!!!
She met Raymond Lam when she was leaving Green House..
She asked the security guard whether can they take picture together or not,
Then the guard said NO!
but Lam Fung apologized to her!!!
Somemore said to her politely and sincerely,
("对不起,唔好意思 唔好意思")

My friend, Gwen..She is in love with him now..hahahaha!!
She becomes another "mangsa" after yeongli and sim.. =P

Nevermind larr~
He is not my most LOVER..
so, I'm not that so MISERABLE yet
just feel DISAPPOINTED only =P

But, if he was AH SHEH, LEEHOM, or even HSM casts, Johnny Depp..
and I do not appreciate the chance which is already given,
then I would go and BANG MYSELF TO THE WALL definitely!

sorry guys..
will stop talking nonsense~~


Jojo n I ~ with the "fake" tickets =P

Everyone was waiting for him!!


Sigining album!! But the albums are not belongs to me

Wao~ Mr cool!! Sim's bro~ haha! He is a Tvb Addict, same as his sis haha!

Yeongli and Sim~ with their beloved Ray!!

Met Gwen, Hx, and Von before going home~

I was actually have met him few years ago, took autograph from him
AND can see him face to face too!! hahaa!!!
Here are the evidences! hehe

Really COOL!!! with nice sunglass

Got a little bit baby fat compared with now..

Much different with GUN KA ZAI right?? ehhee!!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I love U

To my dearest Mom,

Happy Birthday to u!!!

Hope you enjoy ur Big Day today,
and love the celebration that prepared by us!

I love U!

Monday, October 20, 2008


This is Yen Yen~! Pretty gal!

This is the second one, named as Ana~ A naughty gal

She is the youngest, called Lina! CUTE gal!


they are my "sisters" (uncle's daughters)

CuTE or not?

I wish my children can as cute as them in future~ hehe!


Monday, October 13, 2008


hmm..time's up~
just finished 2 weeks of study break..
time flies rapidly! =="
did nothing during holidays..
never done any revision,
yet busy doing and rushing assignments

came back to my Penang house..
homesick again! miss my Butterworth
miss my little brother doing his stupid act in front of me, even though it's annoying~

today FMP's topic been introduced by Loo, tough!
Not really understand what he taught..
He used moonlight resonance家好月圆as teaching material
somemore imitated Ah Yuet's

Honestly, what he has taught, im not really+fully understand!
I bet that there will be more even worst for another subject tomorrow...

Today is 13 OCt, is my friend ~ Siew Hoay's birthday!
Happy Birthday to her!!

In other means, I still have 2 more months, will be going to Australia lo!
13 December~

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Gwen's birthday celebration

Our plans>

Ivian and I gathered at Yeongli's house and Yeongli fetched us to Penang
Had a very very very happy and wonderful journey with my friends

Reached Gurney Plaza around 2pm
6 of us, went to Chilis having lunch

Our drinks~

That's our food! Yummy!!!


Ho Chiak le!

Within an hour..semua SAPU finish!!

Taken by a very 'pro' waitress~~haha!

Then, Batu Ferringgi will be our next destination
Before going there, have travelled to some places to buy something, and lili went to Prangin to develop photos..
Actually our real destination was at down hill of Tanjung Bunga (PARADISE HOTEL),
but our thought of that place was nearby RASA SAYANG there~
After we passed across the narrow road, passing by the RASA SAYANG HOTEL only realised that we have gone to the wrong place..
but nevermind, since the day was still "young"
so we kept round here and there to find where was the actual place.

In the car

Nice building right?

Batu Feringgi

FInally, we reached already!! But, suddendly rainned pulak!
It was HEAVY RAIN!!!!!!
What a dissapointment!!!
I was Frustrated!!!
Our Banana Boat~~!!

Since we were waiting the rain to stop, we changed our clothes in the car!
Someone has even changed her bra too!! hiak hiak !!
Oh My, it was the first time for me changing clothes in the car..Damn
How dare we were!

Lili's sunglass! NIce le!

Sooner and later, Gwen, Hooi xuan and Cecilia joinned in the car too

so packed..haha!

Yeah! the rain has stopped luckily~~

Nice scenery!

Ei, apa ni? Naughty lar..

Dinner time..
went back to Gurney~
have taken a nice meal at Kim Gary!!!

Ah Gwen's birthday cake!

ROXY bag that we bought for her as present!

Lili mia favourite~ "Cheesy Gok Fan"

Ah Gwen, happy birthday to u oo!


Went home around 9 pm~
It was tiring yet happy!

Although this time we have missed the banana boat and beach fun,
but since we have already been given a chance to step on the beach for few minutes, so we were satisfied!
Banana Boat, see u next time larrr...!
Perhaps, after final exams..
Or next year lo!~