Saturday, October 11, 2008

Gwen's birthday celebration

Our plans>

Ivian and I gathered at Yeongli's house and Yeongli fetched us to Penang
Had a very very very happy and wonderful journey with my friends

Reached Gurney Plaza around 2pm
6 of us, went to Chilis having lunch

Our drinks~

That's our food! Yummy!!!


Ho Chiak le!

Within an hour..semua SAPU finish!!

Taken by a very 'pro' waitress~~haha!

Then, Batu Ferringgi will be our next destination
Before going there, have travelled to some places to buy something, and lili went to Prangin to develop photos..
Actually our real destination was at down hill of Tanjung Bunga (PARADISE HOTEL),
but our thought of that place was nearby RASA SAYANG there~
After we passed across the narrow road, passing by the RASA SAYANG HOTEL only realised that we have gone to the wrong place..
but nevermind, since the day was still "young"
so we kept round here and there to find where was the actual place.

In the car

Nice building right?

Batu Feringgi

FInally, we reached already!! But, suddendly rainned pulak!
It was HEAVY RAIN!!!!!!
What a dissapointment!!!
I was Frustrated!!!
Our Banana Boat~~!!

Since we were waiting the rain to stop, we changed our clothes in the car!
Someone has even changed her bra too!! hiak hiak !!
Oh My, it was the first time for me changing clothes in the car..Damn
How dare we were!

Lili's sunglass! NIce le!

Sooner and later, Gwen, Hooi xuan and Cecilia joinned in the car too

so packed..haha!

Yeah! the rain has stopped luckily~~

Nice scenery!

Ei, apa ni? Naughty lar..

Dinner time..
went back to Gurney~
have taken a nice meal at Kim Gary!!!

Ah Gwen's birthday cake!

ROXY bag that we bought for her as present!

Lili mia favourite~ "Cheesy Gok Fan"

Ah Gwen, happy birthday to u oo!


Went home around 9 pm~
It was tiring yet happy!

Although this time we have missed the banana boat and beach fun,
but since we have already been given a chance to step on the beach for few minutes, so we were satisfied!
Banana Boat, see u next time larrr...!
Perhaps, after final exams..
Or next year lo!~


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=YeongLi= said...

hey loooooo~
yes yes!
see you TOMORROW
love you girls more by days.