Monday, October 13, 2008


hmm..time's up~
just finished 2 weeks of study break..
time flies rapidly! =="
did nothing during holidays..
never done any revision,
yet busy doing and rushing assignments

came back to my Penang house..
homesick again! miss my Butterworth
miss my little brother doing his stupid act in front of me, even though it's annoying~

today FMP's topic been introduced by Loo, tough!
Not really understand what he taught..
He used moonlight resonance家好月圆as teaching material
somemore imitated Ah Yuet's

Honestly, what he has taught, im not really+fully understand!
I bet that there will be more even worst for another subject tomorrow...

Today is 13 OCt, is my friend ~ Siew Hoay's birthday!
Happy Birthday to her!!

In other means, I still have 2 more months, will be going to Australia lo!
13 December~


eddie lim said...

Don't forget my souvenir! Must made in AUS 1!

Joanna said...

I bring u back a joey~~..
mau tak?? haha!

jerry said...

so u sure go australia adee??

Joanna said...

ei, u tot im going there to study ald?
im just going there for holidayy~!!
3 weeks le..