Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Wohoo!! I got this finally~


I can own it at last!!
My favourite OST!
My aunty bought it to me!
Thank you!!
Love u muakxx!!

This album has 1 cd plus 1 dvd.
The cd is the original soundtrack.
Whereas the dvd consisted of behind the scenes footage, the movie trailer and music video!!!

I have watched the dvd already!
My god!! DAMN NICE!

Gcc and Jojo, I bet u guys will love it~~
I will share with u when we meet
No Worries ^^

29 Dec- Dim Sum & Westfield

We have taken dim sum (actually should be considered as lunch) at GOLDEN LEAF RESTAURANT which was located in Prestron.
It was the second time we have been there.
We loved going there to have dim sum~
The food were so fresh and delicious!!
Uncle Chris was joining us along too...haha!
It was funny when I saw the way he used chopsticks to pick up the food.
By the way, he holded it well and naturally.

We went to Westfield shopping after we finished our dimsum
I bought a cloth too. =D

OMG!! when I saw this, I almost wanted to grab it and keep into my bag! hahaha!
Of course I din do so..although there was 50% sale, which means it was around $12 after the discount, but I cant buy it too due to it was still costly after converting to msia ringgit.

I had that intention again when I SAW THIS TOO!!!!!!

Monday, December 29, 2008

28 Dec- Shrine Of Remembrance and St. Kilda

Went to Victoria Market again.
Did the last minute shopping before we proceed to our first stop, SHRINE OF REMEMBRANCE~~~

We then moved to SHRINE OF REMEMBRANCE by taking the shuttle bas.
It was free of charge.
SHRINE OF REMEMBRANCE is one of Melbourne's iconic buildings.
It draws hundreds of thousands of visitors each year.
By seeing the displays in the building, we can know about the service and sacrifice of the Aussie service men and women.

Looks like Egypt right?! haha!

Gallery of Medals. There are 4000 service medals displayed and each one representing 100 Victorians who have served in war and peacekeeping operations and six who have lost their lives.

We didnt stay too long at SHRINE since we had to visit few more places and we lack of time too.
Hence, we got up to the shuttle bas again then continued moving to other places.

We stopped at NATIONAL GALLERY OF VICTORIA to take photos.

And ARTS CENTRE as well.

Actually I wanted to go inside. I love arts' stuff and I was curious about it too. But somehow I cant because we were lack of time. Sad...

After that, we proceed to another stop, ST. KILDA.
ST. KILDA is a beachside suburb of Melbourne, Australia.
Personally, we found that St. Kilda is a very nice place to visit,
and we would say it is heaven for photographers!
Altough the whether was DAMN HOT,
but daddy was in the right mood,
and he managed to take the beautiful photos with nice angle..

Im not kidding right?! We can find many fantastic seneries through the photos!

I found this was cute so I took a picture on it.

We continued walking and sight-seeing the beautiful views,
my little brother was not feeling well suddendly,
therefore we took a rest at LUNA PARK.

LUNA PARK is just like a funfair.

Wao, this is nice!

Haunted house.

We went back to FLINDERS STREET to take the train ride afterwards
due to my little brother was not feeling well.
By the wat, dad also asked us to take photos at YARRA RIVER before going home.

~Photography Session~


Upcoming Update:
Dim sum again and Westfield.