Wednesday, December 17, 2008

15 Dec-The Great Ocean Road

We woke up in the very early morning
Have taken breakfast before leaving at 8am.
I had a stomach ache (damn painful) suddendly.
Luckily my tummy felt better after taking a tablet of Penadol.
Our destination was Port Campbell.
We were going to see the Australian national landmark and tourist drawcard-12 APOSTLES
It took us 8 hours to go overthere.
My siblings vomitted due to the road was narrow along the way + it was a long and tiring journey!
And we also almost got lost but somehow, fortunately we had GPS.
Without this tool, I don't think we can travel wherever that we wish.
We stopped at AIREYS INLET to visit the LIGHT HOUSE.
Well, we did take a break too at some places such as LORNE and APOLLO BAY.
We reached the final destination around 5 something.
Dad have been booking a motel via online therefore it was quite convenient to us to check in when we reached there.
Wow, the motel was also damn nice!!!
It was so unexpected!
After allocating our stuff in motel,
we started to proceed our real journey~ PORT CAMPBELL NATIONAL PARK
"OH MY GOD!" I shouted when I saw the 12 Apostles.
DAMN NICE and the scenery...
It was indescribable!
The wind was strong and I felt so cold when the wind blew over to me.
I myself cant believe that I could be standing on the top and looking down the big ocean and the rocks! WOWOWW!
After spending an hour there, we continued walking towards to LOCH ARD.
Loch Ard is a ship. It is well known when the ship was wrecked off the coastline which borders the park. In accordance with the real history, there were 52 lives were lost and the only 2 survivors were swept into the nearby gorge.
We had a great moment at there.

We also cooked sardins and fried eggs as our dinner. Although simple yet delicious. =)
I enjoyed this experience~~


jerry said...

hey, seems so siok lor~~~~
so envy u
i hope 2 go da light house.....

gwen said...

hey joo ~
can see that u enjoy yourself so much.
the scenery is so nicee ~
n the flower also =)
u take care yeaaa !!