Monday, December 1, 2008

Sem 3 is over~finally!!

Started anticipating this moment since few days ago
The Final Exam is ended!
It is ended!!!!


Today's income tax is damn hard..
Again, it's much different with past year~
Did lots of mistakes too,
marks gone...
Cant avoid the carelessness~ although have tried my best
As long as can pass, already much appreciated!

Well, after finishing the final, Ivian and I loitered at Queensbay
Din really enjoy during shopping, and we also have no appetite at all when having lunch as well.
Maybe we didnt get enough sleep last night...
But it doesnt matter~
since tonight I can sleep well, finally..

Been busy about 14 weeks in this sem for
Business Plan, Tax's tests, Assignments..all come at the same time, continuesly and nonstoply..
We just like having hell life everyday
What a hectic sem!
Anyway, this sem is over!
I would no longer deal with the Law anymore! hahaa!
No longer do assignments, revisions or even see the sem3 's books again! yeah!!
Have been waiting for it N weeks ago~!!
Happy holiday to me!
And I wish to sim, lili, kheng, gwen, hx and all my classmates happy holiday too!
Enjoy Enjoy Enjoy!
Bye sem3!
I dont want to see u again!!!

Pictures of the day
Taken at Queensbay

Nice food but I cant finish it at last...Lol!

They look matched right?
Linda Chung will be coming to Penang this Saturday
Going to meet her if I feel free..hehe!


jerry said...

nice 2 hear u relax
coz i can feel wat u said
assignment assignment n assignment
so enjoy ur holiday
i nw likea gasing
keep turning non-stop~~~~

Joanna said...

assignment life is like hell
A nightmare..
but then now is ald over...
Temporarily larr..haha!
2 months later~ I would be ki siao again..

Lay Ai said...

happy holidays!
take care yea! =)