Friday, December 12, 2008

Bye Guys!

It is time 11.24 pm now.
Have finished packing all the stuff~ finally...

I'm damn busy today.
Woke up early morning.
Shopping at Sunway with my mom, siblings and my aunty after having breakfast.
After that, went home and took a short break.
During break time, I started packing my hand carried stuff and reallocated my clothes in the luggage.
Hang out again with my aunty around 5 to buy some gifts for my cousins at Billion supermarket.
Then, I straightaway went to Raja Uda to take my contact lenses which have been ordered few days ago.
Night time, after taking dinner, I thought I can rest finally..who knows, suddendly received a msg from yirn, she told me that the sunglass which I desire to buy it long time ago was still available.
So happy! Therefore, I went there to get one with my sis! wahaha! Thanks yirn! For helping me to enquire for the stock. =)
Lastly, I can totally do my last checking for my luggage. But it was already 9 something.
Pack here pack there..Finally have done it before 12am. LOL!
I will bring my laptop along too.

Wants to know more about my trip?
Just keep in touch with here.

Bye guys!
Miss me k?!
Of course I will miss u all

DE LE gang~ SAYO NARA! No longer dim sum anymore..until 2009!

Inti gals~Tata! I will miss u all the time. Remember our beach fun!


ivian said...

i wil miss u!!!!looolooo
enjoy ur trip and waiting for u to update ur blog!!!

josephine said...

hey,have a fun trip~~
take care~~