Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Melbourne, I'm coming!

Our journey will be started in few days later
Do I feel excited now?
Not really le.
Haha! Dont know why
Mayb the days haven't reached yet.
So, dare not to expect or imagine anything about it.
But, last few days I was scolded by my dad,
saying that neither I get ready for this vacation, nor never expect about it.
Sob sob.
Honestly, this is my first trip to oversea, never been there so I cant imagine how is't.
How would u expect me to prepare well?
I have no ideas except just prepare for the nessessary stuff and needs like luggages and clothes.
This is what can I do.

Okie la,
In order to avoid getting scolded again,
I will participate and fully prepare myself for this trip from now onwards.
I promise to fullfil the requirements which my parents have been asking me to prepare to.

Melbourne,I'm coming! hahaha!
These are the schedules and maps that prepared by my dad.
Thanks alot dad!
Singapore's map if not mistaken
Aussie's Map

Our daily schedule during the 3 weeks' vacation .


jerry said...

go enjoy ya
n dun 4get my souvenier!!!!

Joanna said...

i will enjoy
of course i wont forget to buy u souvenier =D