Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Gal talks,shopping and makan @ gurney

I slept at 3am last night, because of watching a taiwanese series which is called
It Started With A Kiss..
Being addicted with it! LOL!

I know Im outdated..
It's not too late to start watching it now..

This morning I woke up at 8am. Fetched mom to work as I wanted to use car today
Met my best frens, jojo and li chuang and we went to gurney

Had a great lunch at NANDO'S..hehee!
My favourite all the time. Did recommend to my friends and luckily they like it too!

Walked around each floor of the complex.
We also talked about that taiwanese series during shopping!

That's our main topic today! hahaaa!!
Love 江直树 so much! Wish to get a bf like him! LOL
hahahaa.Kena poison d I know~~ =.=

Bought some stuff at there..
Jojo bought LAW books at MPH
Whereas I bought a cap and HSM Poster Book..hehe!

Didnt purchase any clothes today..
As not "ngam my sam sui"

Errmm, we went home around 3pm.
Been continuing our topic (that drama) along the way home. hahahaa!
We did discuss alot about it since we are really in love with this drama
especially 江直树a.k.a郑元畅!!! wahahahahaaaa!
Thanks for recommending me, li chuang!
I know u felt very excited when u knew that I love this series too! kakakx

And, special thanks to ivian sim, for lending me this series! hehe!
Will share with u my review when we meet each other! =D
And jojo as well, for the second episode! hehe!
I will finish it before going vacation.

Pictures of the day
mmm...yummy yummy!!
Ivian sim, do u miss it or not? hehe

Saw it at MPH! Goshh..I want it!
But I can control myself not to buy it..kkakax

ISH! This book costs RM 42 something..Is't worth to buy it?
I dont think so..haha! Although I wish to own it one!!!!
My best fren, li chuang!
3 of us!
=Couple wear= heheheee

Curi-curi taken when trying cloth in fitting room~=P

The content of the poster book that I purchased.
Handsome Troy Bolton

Giant POSTER! waoo!

Ini poster of HSM2 which I bought it long time ago. beloved Gabriella
Troy and Chad


josephine said...

yaya...the lunch we r having today is very nice !!!

thanks for ur recommendation~~

Joanna said...

u are welcome!!
Any "geng yeh" must be shared with friends one!~hehee

ivian said...

hahaha...siao po la u!!!
no need special thx eh!!
as u say!!any "geng yeh" must share wif "pang yao" one ma!!hiak hiak hiak..
and...u really tempt me la...NANDOOOOOO!!!love it very much right???hahahaa
and u took photo no need "curi curi" la siao po!!!
hahahaa...guang ming zhen da never mind one!!hahahaa...
reLLY miss u alot!!
hahaa..and...i also love jiang zhi shu o when i watch that drama!!!