Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Wohoo!! I got this finally~


I can own it at last!!
My favourite OST!
My aunty bought it to me!
Thank you!!
Love u muakxx!!

This album has 1 cd plus 1 dvd.
The cd is the original soundtrack.
Whereas the dvd consisted of behind the scenes footage, the movie trailer and music video!!!

I have watched the dvd already!
My god!! DAMN NICE!

Gcc and Jojo, I bet u guys will love it~~
I will share with u when we meet
No Worries ^^


jerry said...

no nid worry so much
all vil under control juz like tat stuff
u noe wat stuff rite?
if u like it then u can try 2 get it
u c?
wat u wan vil finally cum~~
get wat i mean??

jerry said...

n i oso wan 2 wish u happie 2009!!!!
~dun worry be happy~

josephine said...

OMG !!!! u got it d~~
so good~~~

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