Saturday, January 3, 2009

31 Dec- Time to say goodbye~~~

Well, sorry for late update.
Feels lazy to blog. =P
Anyway, I will continue updating it. hehe

31 Dec, was a last day of 2008.
And we have been choosing this day back home.
I wanted to stay there until 1 Jan.
I wanted to see the Aussie's fireworks and their new year celebration.
We couldnt make it as my mom needed working on 2 Jan.
That's why we got to leave before 1 Jan.
What a waste!
And I also missed the chance to meet the sexy socialite, Paris Hilton too.
She has dropped by to Melbourne for shopping before she ahead of a paid appearance in Sydney on a New Year Eve Party.
Waoo, Hollywood celebrity u know?! I wanted to meet her le..
Anyhow, I was unable to make myself to have a meeting with her, even a short glance also. =(
Unfortunately, her appearance has been criticized by Aussies due to her $140 per minute Melbourne spending spree.
In accordance with the related news, shortly after her arrival in Melbourne on Monday,
Paris dropped $5560 in 40 minutes of shopping at the trendy Wayne Cooper Boutique.
It has been told that in World Vision terms, $5000 would ensure that a village of 2000 people in Africa or Asia would have clean water for the rest of their lives~~~
My goodness...She's so..

However, I like her dressing and her various kind of sunglasses!
Just looks like a Barbie!

Okay, back to topic. We were heading to Melbourne Airport around 8.30am on 31 Dec with my aunty and her love, uncle Chris.
We were so missing each other and hugging each other.
Luckily my aunty still has uncle Chris to stay beside her.
Otherwise she would be very sad and lonely.

Hey, this is Hilton Hotel, just opposite the airport.
I wondered whether Paris Hiton staying in her own hotel..

Melbourne Airport.

Hmm..I wished to try Aussie McD before going back to Msia.
So I tried its breakfast before the departure.

Hash Brown..Nicer than msia mia. =P

I was told by my dad that this model of aircraft is the world largest.

S.H.E~ Gcc, can u notice it? hahaaa..

my lunch~~Indian curry rice! Delicious le!

Ice-cream as dessert~

Tea-time..Fried Noodle with cup of coffee~~

In the 7 hours of flight back to Singapore, I have watched 2 action movies.
One is Hong Kong movie, 保持通话 CONNECTED and another one is WANTED.

CONNECTED is starring by Louis Koo (古天乐),Barbie Hsu (大S), and Nick Cheung (张家辉)
It is a remake of the Hollywood movie, CELLULAR.
This movie is very NICE and it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED by me.
Whoever haven't seen it, please do have a watch on it! =)
Then WANTED is a violent movie, for my own opinion..
And I found that there sure got an offensive word such as F*** to almost every sentence which has been spoken out from their mouth!
Maybe I still cant get used to watch this kind of movie yet..that's why I felt uncomfortable when watching it. ahaha!
Anyway, this movie is quite nice to watch and Angelina Jolie is hot and pretty in this movie~

~Connected Trailer~

We then reached to Changi Airport around 3 something.
Our next flight to Penang was 6.55pm.
Everyone was tired and we took a rest in the airport until the time of departure again.

These are the photos which are taken during spending the rest of our time in the airport.

We reached Penang Airport at 8.15pm.
I felt so hot and started sweating when I walked out from the aircraft.
And now I only realized that why my aunty always complain about it whenever she comes back to Msia. LOL...Hahaha.. This is Malaysia.

Hmm..I cant enjoy the countdown celebration with my buddies in year 2008.
But I have enjoyed a super duper nice, adventurous, interesting, and happy trip with my family.
This would be the part of my unforgettable and wonderful memory in my entire life!



jerry said...

i saw she!!!!!
wat tat??
da view u take frm plane??
nice ler~~
i watch da bao chitong hua adee
quite nice ler~~~
da storyline quite special

Joanna said...

Yes, it is a programe magazine..I can choose any movie or songs that I like. I saw SHE, then I know u sure ki siao. That's why I took pic for u.

Yes, the view I took from the plane. Nice le..haha! my skill not bad rite?? hehe.

Waoo, u have watched that movie d? Good! sharing to each other next time! ^^

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