Wednesday, January 7, 2009

S.H.E Promo Tour @ Autocity

S.H.E came to Autocity to meet their fans and for their latest album promotion purpose on 4th Jan.
Of course, being their little fan, I went to meet them ^^
Thanks to Jojo for the tickets!!
Without the entrance tickets, we cant get the chance to meet them too.
On that day, Jojo, Yen Shan, Tze Suen, Yi Ting and I 5 girls have arrived Autocity around 3 something..
I have also seen many old friends working at there.
Such as Tzi Yi and Andrew Lee. They worked as promoters in U Mobile Roadshow.
Omg..Their salary was so high u know! RM100~! Just for 1 day! Yerr..
I have been subcribing U Mobile since my Digi was in zero credit at that time. Lolx..
I cant find any Digi Centre therefore I got to buy U Mobile so that I can call out temporarily.
hmm..We were queing up and waiting in the big crowd before S.H.E arrived.
It was raining too. Luckily I brought my cap. Or else~~~
After few hours, the moment that we were waiting for so long has come!
3 pretty taiwanese appeared on the stage with their first song 宇宙小姐
They sang LIVE! not bad!!
Instead of 宇宙小姐, they also performed 沿海公路的出口 and 安静了!
I cant see them clearly.. because we were standing far from the stage.
Only can see Ella and the host, Fei Bi. Lolx..
But somehow, I enjoyed the whole event much!
Although I cant see them clearly, but I still can listen to their lovely voice and LIVE songs.
They are cute and talkative!

Stupid Umbrella!! BLOCKING us!!

I just can see them from the BIG SCREEN

I met Thee Ken in Segafredo. He is working at there.

So coincidentally, while we were gathering in Segafredo,
Ella and Selina went to Segafredo's toilet in different time.
Hence, we standby with CAMERAS to wait them came out from toilet and SAY HELLO TO THEM!
Of course, both of them also had a short glance to us with lovely and friendly smile!! hahaa!
How lucky we are!


jerry said...

u met she in restaurant??
gt chance 2 spaek vif them??

ineffable_ice said... syok...too bad i cant go that their fans..i'm realli very sad..haha..bought the album d but din get their signature...summore u met her in envy la..

Joanna said...

Don wuwuwuw dee..
I will talk to u about them when we meet. ^^
Have taken lots of video and prepare sharing with u

Joanna said...

> Patrick
It was my first time to meet them.
Dun feel sad le...Im sure there will be other time for them to come here again ^^
Not only me met them in Sega..Thee Ken, Kean Hoong and the rest also..

jerry said...

wuuuuuuu wuuuuuuu

so sad~~~~

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