Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Review -It started with a kiss & They kiss again

Well, before I start writting this post, I'd predict that this post would be the longest post which I've ever blogged. I have such prediction is because I would like to share with u guys lots of my thoughts and feelings about this TWdrama. Honestly speaking, I really LOVE this drama! REALLY REALLY LOVE!!! Don't ask me why~ I also do not know how to answer u. What can I say is this comedy romance drama has its own attractiveness and I'm deeply impressed with it!

I'm rewatching ISWAK again and again nowadays. I'm willing to spend my time, surfing the news or video clips regarding to this drama and my mind is full of Jiang Zhi Shu right now. Cant stop myself thinking of him. (Sorry Leehom and Mr.depp) He has won the ratings against both of u..hahaha!

Since It Started With A Kiss (ISWAK) was aired, Jiang Zhi Shu has become the best ambassador of ideal lover in every female’s dreams ( Me too me too!!) hehe..According to a internet polling regarding to the "Who is the ideal valentine" among all the taiwanese idol dramas, Jiang this role has always been rated the highest and in rank 1 all the time, and it was followed by ZUO YI QUAN (Wu Chun) in 花样少年少女as the second subsequently. So, can u imagine how popular Jiang is? The fans can be said starting from 30 years and above to 13 years old; and they will uncontrollably imagining themselves as Ariel Lin, Lin Yi Chen’s "Yuan Xiang Qin". haha!! hmm, anyway, of course I know that this is only a series, but how good if there is a real Jiang Zhi Shu exists in reality!! Kakakx...

Jiang Zhi Shu ( Joe Cheng), I fall in love to this guy on the spot when the first time I watched this drama. He has a very good complexion!!! It is so rare got a guy like him that has such complexion, just like water!! ENVY!! I admit that I anti this drama last time because I didnt like Joe Cheng. He looks girlish. But somehow, Im wrong now. He is sososo PERFECT, EXCELLENT and MAN in such the way he acts as Jiang Zhi Shu. Damn admire him when he is doing add maths or writting formulas on the glass! That's his special way to study~And, he is also a BRILLIANT with an IQ of 200 and on top of that, he’s incredibly HANDSOME. Every girl in this drama no matter school girls, university course mates, office ladies, patients, nurses, small girls, Ah-MAs, gays are also getting crazy of him. Of course Im one of them too. ^.^ The main reason that I love him is because he is a very good guy even though he is an arrogant, cold hearted and thinks only for himself in the beginning of ISWAK. But his destiny and life have been changed after the appearance of Xiang Qin. Xiang Qin changed his mind, his attitude and his future. Without her, there will be no Doctor Jiang. =D

Okay, then here comes Yuan Xiang Qin. She is a naive, "sampat" and super stupid but very optimistic girl. She isn’t the best and brightest in her school. In fact, she and her fellow classmates are considered one of the worst which is the last class (F class) in her school. But regardless of how poor her academics are, she is able to remain optimistic and crazy all the time. "我是个没用脑筋的冲动派" that's what she admited in front of Jiang Zhi Shu. She has been falling in love with Jiang 5 years since she was in Form3 in a freshman orientation. And before graduation, she decided to confess to him by handing him a love letter after struggling a secret crush to him. But somehow, Jiang ignored her and direct "shoot" her with a sentence which I like it much~“你的人生难道就没有其他事可以做了吗?”hahahaa! Of course at first, she was neglected and rejected by Zhi Shu since Zhi Shu is such a cold hearted guy. Hence, it came to a point where she almost gave up with tears. I felt pain for her whenever she tried something to make Zhi Shu realise her. But with her good attitude and determination, finally Zhi Shu wont anti her anymore. He started opening his heart and shared his thoughts, ideas and feelings with her which he doesn’t usually shares with others or even more cares for her and protects her.

THEY KISS AGAIN (TKA) is the sequel of ISWAK begins with Xiang Qin and Zhi Shu's wedding and honeymoon. It's another best of the best TW idol drama. The story lines are more interesting, touching and funny. TKA talks about their marriage life and both of them switch to medical school to become a doctor and nurse. Lol..Xiang Qin becomes a nurse~Surely lots of people would hesitate her ability. Haha..Such a clumsy and dumb girl, she really tried her very best how to be a good nurse. She wants to stay beside Jiang Zhi Shu and becomes his helper. Touching huh?! In this drama, Zhi Shu becomes more matured in term of his new hair cut as well as his behaviour. I like his new hair style!! He is no longer cold hearted. He still loves his wife so much although Xiang Qin always brings him numerous of troubles. And his jealousy also has been highlighted in this drama. For those who have watched this drama, remember what Zhi Shu said to his his rival, Qi Tai in the ep11 ? He said that he never realized the feelings of jealousy until Xiang Qin came into his life. She was the one who opened the key to his heart to let out all the emotions that he himself cannot open.

As a conclusion, these two dramas are hilarious, warm, touching, simple and meaningful. I've learnt alot through these two dramas. Joe Cheng and Arial Lin they are so match and very realistic when they act as husband and wife. They are very loving and sweet in the drama, with the average of 2 kissing scenes per episode. I love them very much! Best Taiwanese Idol Drama ever! ISWAK and TKA are really good for anyone to watch. So, if u never watched it before, what are u waiting for?


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