Thursday, November 26, 2009

My Latest Plurk Layout

Now I only realized that we can change our profile layout in Plurk!
Been changing 3 types of layout. All looks so nice!!!

Twilight Saga-NEW MOON

Super Junior

Super Junior-M

After I keep on changing and changing,
finally I decided to use this layout. =P


I'm lovin' it! ^^

People, if u are playing Plurk and already got bored seeing ur layout, u can visit to this web page to change a new fresh look for ur Plurk. =)

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I love 美图秀秀!!

Lol..thanks to my little bro, if not I wont get addicted on it. xD
He is attending a 3-days computer class in his school these few days.
Well, he learns something kinda like photoshop the pictures by using a particular software which is called 美图秀秀 (meitu xiuxiu). Sounds cute right?

This cutie stuff is quite interesting. Seriously I'm so addicted in editing my photos now. Haha!
My bro teaches me from what he has learned in school.

See, this is my bro's creation.

Okay, let me show u my 'creations'..just a basic level, I'm not that pro yet. =P


Mr & Mrs. Han ~~ Photobucket
Dont laugh at me. My intention is just want to try using the animation that included in the software. Well, it's just for fun only, I don't have other means. I don't want to attract any 'ANTIs'. xD Photobucket


hmm, not bad right..hehe!

Friday, November 20, 2009

091119- Movie Day+ E Co

I've watched <2012> finally!
Seriously, it's a very nice blockbuster disaster movie.
I ain't say that this movie is the best, but it still can be rated as one of the best in the point of my view.
The CGI of the movie is pretty awesome and thumbs up! I was like WAO~ OMG~ COOL~ when watching it.
As a conclusion, this movie is worth to be watched in Cinema.
Highly Recommended.

After watching [2012], my friends and I went to E Co Cafe to meet Li Chuang. She just came back from KL. Having had a nice chit-chatting with each other too even though the gathering was just a while.

Besides, I've also bought the twilight saga-New Moon at Popular just now. Since I am given 20% discount, it's not a bad idea to get one so that I can read it to fill my leisure time. =)
Oh yea, the movie version is released soon. I'm so anticipating to watch it. lol.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

091117- My Shopping Day 2

Wahaha. I went shopping again..but this time is window shopping with Sim. xD

We went to Gurney Plaza window shopping and also spent 3 hours singing K at Red Box.
Surprisingly, I found that Red Box has been updated with many Korean songs such as Suju and SNSD's song.

Well, without thinking much, I straightaway chose SORRY SORRY and IT'S YOU that sung by Suju. Yet, I was like mumbling when singing the songs due to my poor Korean pronoun cation. And I should dance the epic dance of Sorry Sorry but I din. I want to memorize the lyrics well so that I could sing it properly next time!!! Anyway, I feel that I have more confidence when I sing IT'S YOU. I wondered why too. Maybe it's easier than SORRY SORRY, but the pronoun cation is still a big problem to me. =(

We left Gurney around 6 something. We then dropped by at Sg.Pinang food court to buy something before going home. Unfortunately, it was heavy rain suddenly when the time we were ready to get back in the car. As a result, we needed to stay back until the rain stopped.

It was 8 something when I reached home. Damn tiring yet satisfying as I have utilized this whole day well and happy.

I tell you, this is one of my favorites. I would definitely order it whenever I have meal at Gurney Food Court. Yummy!! =D

091116- My Shopping Day

Well, I went shopping with Yirn and Jojo at Queensbay Mall.
We bought many thingy.
It was fun of being a shopaholic, even though it was just a merely half day. kekekex

Having a good rest at Coffee Bean and enjoyed a cup of vanilla ice-blended before going home.

Monday, November 16, 2009

I will rate these as my favorite video clips~ xD

I discovered this video when I was youtube~ing just now .
I LIKE this clip so much!!!
Wish to thank the video maker of this clip for making this and naming it with nice title.
It suits my TASTE!!!!!!!


I guess there are many of u must be very curious why I like him so much.
Err, actually I'm not that type so simply crazy over someone or adore someone blindly~ and please don't even think that I am just a stupid HUA CHI too~ I have reasons one ok. At least there must be something that can attract my attention about this fellow. The main reason is because of his harsh & touching story- A Chinese boy who is multi-talented and works very hard and tough at foreign country without giving up, full of passion and determination in order to pursue his dream.

Why I love him? Watch the videos until finish and u will find out the reasons why. =)

This is why I always feel proud to be one of his fans, even though I just started liking him 9 months ago. xD
He is very successful now. But I hope he can be strong and keep it up, and I believe that he would be a superstar in future too.. ^^

Happy Holiday!!

Yes, I've finished my final ~~~FINALLY!!
From now onwards, I will no longer see all the accounting, law, economics and marketing thingy anymore! YES!!! I want to enjoy my holiday~!

Err, I feel lazy to blog now. So I share some pics which were taken during my exam week.
Seriously, it was a suffering and stressful exam week to me, especially the night before law and econs' paper. NIGHTMARES!!

See, I hate this kind of life!
But, we got no choice.
Coz this is what we so-called as university student's life.

Anyway, it was over.
And now, no stress no stress anymore~~~~~ ^^

Oh yea, I have a good news to share at here too.
The holiday that I'm having now is a super duper long term semester break, I would only start another new sem again on March 2009! hehehe! Syiok nyerr~~~ xD

Friday, November 6, 2009






Monday, November 2, 2009

Study Week-Exam Week

Having study week now.

Feels lazy to study.
I need motivation.

Well, what can motivate me?


I love this series!! 1 day 1 episode?! haha!

No.2 Chinese Cari Forum-SJ's discussion board

I love going there to chat with Malaysian E.L.F

No.3- Facebook

This is a MUST, for everyday.

No.4- Hangeng's killer smile

His smile can heal my 'pekchek~ness'.

No.5- Lau Sam Hou's Motto- 说好话, 做好事, 存好心

Be positive thinking, then everything will be fine.
Study smart not study hard. lol.

Bye people, wanna continue my revision d.
Next week would be a hard time for me.
Wish me luck.
And good luck to all my course mate as well as those who are going to sit for exam.
Aza-aza Hwaiting!