Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I love 美图秀秀!!

Lol..thanks to my little bro, if not I wont get addicted on it. xD
He is attending a 3-days computer class in his school these few days.
Well, he learns something kinda like photoshop the pictures by using a particular software which is called 美图秀秀 (meitu xiuxiu). Sounds cute right?

This cutie stuff is quite interesting. Seriously I'm so addicted in editing my photos now. Haha!
My bro teaches me from what he has learned in school.

See, this is my bro's creation.

Okay, let me show u my 'creations'..just a basic level, I'm not that pro yet. =P


Mr & Mrs. Han ~~ Photobucket
Dont laugh at me. My intention is just want to try using the animation that included in the software. Well, it's just for fun only, I don't have other means. I don't want to attract any 'ANTIs'. xD Photobucket


hmm, not bad right..hehe!


=YeongLi= said...

wht the hell~
sooo niceeeeeeee!
i want ASHIN and Mineeeee~
can do it for me nottt!!

Joanna said...

can can can!!
gv me Ashin's photo and urs.
i will do it one for u.

or u want me to choose for u?

Lovin said...

hey~~so cute d animation....
teach me teach me~~

Joanna said...

hey Christine, go to this link. dl and install it, I bet u will get addicted. hehehee!

Joanna said...

if u hv any problem, msn me, we can discuss there. ^^

Wayne y.m.h. said...

nice try~

Moon said...

great stuff... reminds me of 'da tou tie' hehe

Joanna said...

yea, its fun. ^^