Monday, November 2, 2009

Study Week-Exam Week

Having study week now.

Feels lazy to study.
I need motivation.

Well, what can motivate me?


I love this series!! 1 day 1 episode?! haha!

No.2 Chinese Cari Forum-SJ's discussion board

I love going there to chat with Malaysian E.L.F

No.3- Facebook

This is a MUST, for everyday.

No.4- Hangeng's killer smile

His smile can heal my 'pekchek~ness'.

No.5- Lau Sam Hou's Motto- 说好话, 做好事, 存好心

Be positive thinking, then everything will be fine.
Study smart not study hard. lol.

Bye people, wanna continue my revision d.
Next week would be a hard time for me.
Wish me luck.
And good luck to all my course mate as well as those who are going to sit for exam.
Aza-aza Hwaiting!

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