Friday, October 30, 2009

October's Birthday Celebrations

Time flies, I notice that it's been 2 weeks my blog being neglected.
I'm here again to update another new post before the month of October coming to an end.
Hmm, there are many friends of mine celebrating their birthday in these few weeks.
And, I've also eaten at least 4 birthday cakes in this month too. xD
So I would like to share my friends and my mom's birthday celebration with some nice pictures.
Let the pictures do the talking. =)

1)Gwen's Birthday
Venue: Little Cottage
Date : 2nd October 2009

~a nice lunch and celebration before we continued our presentation's discussion~

2) Dawen's Birthday
Venue: Little Cottage again
Date : 9th October 2009

~a wonderful day filled with great and fun chatting together~

3) My beloved Mom's Birthday
Venue: Joanna's House
Date : 21st October 2009

~simple yet warm~

4) Li Qian's Birthday
Venue: Inti College
Date : 27th October 2009

~a successful surprise for the birthday boy with all party's co-operation~

Last but not least, today (30th October 2009) is my best friend- Li Chuang's birthday.
I'm not able to celebrate with her as she is in KL now.
It's alright then, I have wished her with my best regards and wishes.
Happy Birthday to you! Love you and miss you always.


jerry said...

alotz of ppl bufdy at oct
i oso have many frenz october bufday ler

Joanna said...

then u should blog it. to keep it as memory. =)

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