Sunday, October 11, 2009

7/10/09- Presentation Day

After a few weeks of the preparation,
we've done our presentation~ FINALLY.
No stress anymore. *yeahh*

We were satisfied to our presentation overall.
Of course there are still a lot of improvements that we need to seek for.
We have to learn from mistakes/weaknesses.

There is one thing which is very out of our expectation~ our lecturer didn't scold us or asking us many "challenging" questions. As this is what am I worried the most before the presentation. Yet, I noticed that she seemed like quite enjoying the entire show that time. Lolx..Luckily~~~!

Anyway, the scary part has over. Happy!
Good Job girls!
It was worth spending our effort and time on preparing our presentation.
As long as we've tried our best, no matter how the result would be, we have no regret or dissatisfaction anymore.

Lampe Berger is the product that we choose for our presentation.

We had meetings for few times at Inti's 6th Floor.

And one time at Gurney's Coffee Bean after celebrating birthday with my beloved leader, Gwen.


Lovin said...

good job all of u had done!!!
add oil for the further assignment that coming soon......

Joanna said...

thank you!!
luckily she din 为难 us that day~~
yea, same goes to u!
add oil together! ^^

Wayne y.m.h. said...

Great presentation; great show~

Joanna said...