Friday, October 16, 2009

韩美人 / 亚洲舞王



What a beautiful man.
艺术品 xD

"..Oh My Super Girl 我是你的 Super Man

(Super Girl-Super Junior M. 2009)


Han Geng As " Asia Dancing King"

In Asia's music industry , there are many artists that are able to dance but among these artists , artists that could be praised by fans and also gaining the title " Dancing King " from fans is getting lesser day by day . Chinese music pop industry's Vanness Wu , Show Luo , Han Geng , Huang Li Xing or Kpop artists , Jang Woohyuk , Yoo Seung Jun , Hyeon Joon and Rain , they all have tempting dance posture . Who is the " Asia Dancing King " in China netizens' heart ? In this international online survey (国际在线) , with 560000 votes , Han Geng won the title " Dancing King " ! Han Geng graduated from Department of Dance [中央民族学舞蹈系]. He is able to dance 56 types of traditional dance , specialised in ballet , martial arts and modern dance . Besides that , he is good looking and friendly .

# Han Geng [ 563726 ]
# Rain [ 271796 ]

# Show Luo [ 99045 ]

# Vanness Wu[ 18055 ]

# Huang Li Xing [ 17779]
# Jang Woohyuk [ 16443 ]

# Hyeon Joon [ 15134 ]

# Yoo Seung Jun [ 14997 ]

credits to kjpopbands

战胜Rain罗志祥 韩庚被评为“亚洲舞王”




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Congratz!! He deserves it. ^^

Watch this video and you will know why he is eligible to be Asia Dancing King.


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=YeongLi= said...

siao liao!
siao liao!
even lee hom also not so siao!

keep it up!!
I love ashin ~
you love your guy!

take care girl!

Joanna said...

Siao lar~!
Im serious this time~~

Leehom is perfect but I love Hangeng more le..

I like pure-hearted man. =D

You continue loving ur ashin lar ha.
If you dare, go touch his face again. lol. xD