Thursday, November 27, 2008

Dun Fail Me Please!

I aint get any satisfaction in this exam
Although have already done 3 papers
But 3 papers also din do well
Countdown 4 days
Left one paper, which is tax
It is the main killer, the highest failing rate among all the subjects
Might be "killed" in one gun shot within that 3 hours paper if you are failed to do well, or because of carelessness, even though you have done ur part to do preparation before the exam.

Im worried I will fail this morning's paper,
Financial Management Performance
It was totally different than past year's papers
I cant do anything instead of answering the questions without idea,
Whether the answer correct or not, is 50:50
I think I already lost the mark around 20-30 for particular questions after the discussion
Seriously..Im not joking

If I'm failed in this subject, I have to retake the whole subject again
Which means that I have to restart all over again
Guess how much for this subject do I need to pay for it once I retake it
It's RM975!!!
So freaking expensive!!

Tax is more even worst!
It costs RM 1300!
One subject only!

Touch wood to say that,
I'm scared
Please don fail

God bless me

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Wedding Dinner @ Gurney Hotel

Just came back from my relative's wedding dinner
Quite boring as my sis was not accompanying me
Due to she was unable to attend the dinner

I kept contact with vian to get the latest news about the TVB Award during the dinner
Congrates to Hong Yee and Jo Bao! They deserved the award! prediction is so accurate yea! ahha!!

People! My Ah Sheh is damn pretty in that event!
The prettiest Sheh that I've ever seen!!!!
Sexy! Elegance!! Beautiful!!!!
I'll post up some of her pics when I'm free.
Stay tuned~!

Okay, have to start my revision already
Have gone out whole day, din do any revision..feeling guilty now..

Bye people,
Will not be here from now onwards till I finish my exam
See u!
Before saying tata,
Here are some pics which to be shared ....
Do take a look yea

Taken Pre- dinner~ =)

This is my beloved dad and mom

This is my aunt..ShenShen..she looks like my sis right?

My sisters.. ^^
With my mom again

Cutie 1

Cutie 2

Cutie 3

Two cuties :D

My parents and my little bro

My bro and my cousin, dai kor zai..haha!

Friday, November 14, 2008

HSM 3 stars hit Melbourne

~pics taken in Sydney~

Apa lar ni!
They went to Melbourne!!!
Im going there 30 days later!!
In just exactly 1 month~!

Why they don wait for me along?!!
Sob Sob!!!

Imagining if I was there on that time..
and waiting them for the premiere~~!
Shouting their name!
Scream to them!

~pics taken during HSM Premiere in Melbourne~

Thursday, November 13, 2008

The only dream

I have a dream
Which is already hidden in my heart for almost 8 years
I hope it will come true...someday later

Sometimes I thought it has come true, and yet,
It is nope
It turns to disappointment at last
Hurts me
Drives me mad

And these disappointments keep on coming to me til now
However, sometimes there are exeptions too
Feels happy, filled with joy
But then it is not long lasting

Nevermind, I wonder miracles would happen to me
As long as I keep my faith on it..
Truly believe it ...
Just wait..

"There can be miracle,
When you believe
Though hope is frail
It's hard to kill ....."

~Miss J~

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


I got no idea how to deal with this subject!!!!
So hard and full of formulas!!

Totally don't know how to answer the part years
Started getting panic and worrying

I don't want to fail!!!!!!!!
countdown for 2 weeks from now onwards~
I want to be a brilliant!!!!
How good if I can answer the question without analyzing
and referring to the answer...

Gonna burst soon!
Fine...I surrender ~~~
Go to bed now!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Rewatch HSM3!

Went to watch this movie again!!
Accompanied by my sis, another HSM mania too
Well, same as the previous time that I've watched,
the movie still remain awesome and entertaining!
TOO IN LOVE with Zac Efron!!
H-A-N-D-S-O-M-E !!!
LoVe Sweetie Vanessa Hudgens too!
She is really as sweet as a candy!!

No doubt, HSM3 is my movie of the year 2008!

p/s: Im wondering should I buy its OST..But it is Malaysia version~ feels lousy lehh =.="

Would Like to share u guys some nice pics of:
-sweet couple "Zanessa" =)

-Vanessa Hudgens

-Ashley Tisdale