Thursday, November 13, 2008

The only dream

I have a dream
Which is already hidden in my heart for almost 8 years
I hope it will come true...someday later

Sometimes I thought it has come true, and yet,
It is nope
It turns to disappointment at last
Hurts me
Drives me mad

And these disappointments keep on coming to me til now
However, sometimes there are exeptions too
Feels happy, filled with joy
But then it is not long lasting

Nevermind, I wonder miracles would happen to me
As long as I keep my faith on it..
Truly believe it ...
Just wait..

"There can be miracle,
When you believe
Though hope is frail
It's hard to kill ....."

~Miss J~


josephine said...
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josephine said...

'Just let it be'...this is what i can tell u...

yea~~you are right....miracles would happened! who knows!
must positive thinking..haha..

dont worry be happy ^^

happy always~~

Joanna said...

I know I know..haha
Just let it be~~

OSK said...

"the greater the expectation, the greater the disappointment"

treat it neutrally and naturally, and the "dream" might come true itself

=) good luck!