Saturday, November 8, 2008


Just finished income tax's third test
Say honestly, I got put effort on preparing it
But sometimes luck is very important too
Din really do well in this test
Due to my carelessness,
I din read the question properly,
Because it was really timeless for us to read the question,
Since the test's duration was only 1 hour.
I just only gone through the highlighted details then straightaway calculate for the answers
Actually my mind was suddendly totally BLANK and didnt know how to start doing the question initially..Don't know whyy
Even though the questions for this test were much much much easier and shorter compared to last two tests.

The mark of the test is added in the final,
Surely it would be affected if din do well in the test
Got no idea how many marks will be deducted this time,
NEGATIVE MARKING, it is horrible!

I dare not to imagine how do I face the days before final
This subject really kills me alot

By the way, I have already finished 14 weeks of the third sem
Should I feel happy or sad?
I would choose happy
Because no longer dealing with assignments, tests and classess
All is~~ DONE!
Hate this sem!
Will be looking forward to the forth sem


=YeongLi= said...

me too la
i am the worth
i saw "army"
inside of amy!

Joanna said...

over d..dun think about it liao..
let's fight for final!