Thursday, September 27, 2007

988 Live Concert ~ 15 Sept 07~

ishhhh...rained rained rained!!!

tat day, there was a big function to be held at Queensbay OUtdoor car park..

it was 988 Live Concert which there were many local+foreign singers to be invited too!

Chance is precious! thanks LiQian for helping me to get the free tickets one week b4 the concert. LQ got 24 tickets so all of us can go to rockss again!

UNfrtunatly.. the bad weather cause us cancelled our plan! but then, i still wan to go! i wan to meet JUSTIN (侧田)!!!

since everybody had ald cancelled the plan,so i went there alone!! And this was the 1st time i drove alone to penang!!!! OMG!! gv myself a clap!!!! haha!!

arrived the destination, i was supposed feeling excited but nop..
bcoz of wat? RAINED AGAIN!!!! whole body wet wet wet!!!

yeah! i was not alone!! met my fren, yen shan with her cousins..we still determinated to wait for the concert although raining cats n dogs! :P

sooner n later...rain finally has stopped! Thank GOD!! n the concert started in the nick of time~~ hehe!!

we were allocated in normal zone..not VIP cant see the stage clearly..
动力火车 was the 1st singer in that continued with Superstar 黄俊源,许俾文,yumiko..etc..

afterwards, who knows,rained again!!!! lolxx..tak boleh tahan dee la.. wanna balik dee la!! kena hujan again..later sakit looooooooo!!!! but,WHERE ARE GARY N JUSTIN??!!! i din meet them yet woi!!! mana boleh?! haizz!!有缘无分咯!! b4 going back to bw, went to MCD mum mum 1st..hehe!

when i was loitering around outside the QB, suddendly i saw 动力火车passing over me nia!! i was totally shocked n i quickly say hello with them!!! aiya, forgot to take photo with them..ishhh!!

hey!!! finally i can meet justin dee!! it was his turn when the time i walked towards to get my car!! wahaha!!皇天不负有心人叻!!!He's so cute! and his voice sosososo great!! tat nite he sang 3 songs <<情歌>>,<>(my favourite!!)..opps! another one i forgot ald..paiseh ya! xP

~~JUSTIN~~ was the time to go back..
anyway, i ald satisfied as i meet him finally!!! hehehe!!!


Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Haagen Dazs +KFC+ Good News ~20 Sept 2007~

hmm...tat day, we went to Queensbay mall for having our lunch..
not mee..not rice..not set lunch..

wahaha!! i din try it b4 le..tis was the 1st time for me too!!
juz know it frm my fren..dunno wat ice-cream with chocolate..hmm..
we ordered 2 sets which total cost about RM137.++ seems expensive but worth eating it!!!!!! hehehe!!
damn nice n yummy!!! i dunno how to decribe how the taste n feeling when the 1st scoop i put into my mouth!!! waoo..tat's great!!!!!!
for those who didnt try it b4..muz try once la! u wont regret de!! hehe!!

after having a nice lunch, yeongli said not full yet wo..
jom~~ pi KFC!!! i miss my Nuggets so much!! hehe!!
ordered 9 pisces of chicken, 1 set popcorn chicken, 1 set potato wedges,6 pisces of favourite!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
dun bother whether the food fattening bo can i tahan not to eat le?!!
chiak chiak chiak!!!!
mum mum mum!!!!
eat eat eat!!!!
so 满足我的食欲!!!! :P

back to college...ah beh's class!
the last class for him! so 舍不得啦~~
he gv us the presentation group's comments..
surprisingly.. my group got the best group among all the groups!! i felt so surprised n touched until my tears a bit..hehe!! our effort finally not wasted!!!! so happy!!!

nite time..LQ n LBS came to my house..LQ used my laptop to complete his assignment while LBS called us to help him do stuffs. and thks to LQ for treating us the 炒米粉oo! i ate 2 packs le!!!! too hungry dee..hehe!

conclusion, 20 sept 2007 is a happy day for me ^^


Presentation ~19 SEPT 2007~

tat day, i felt so happy! why?
did well at the 1st time! ^^

thank GOD!!! for blessing me good luck!

thank you my team mates ( ah sim, gwen, miss mann n mr.shalen)
without u guys's cooperation n team spirit, i guess, we wont get such good performance in the presentation!

thank you lbs too..for teaching us some skills about how to be a good presenter!

thank you yeongli..for helping us to capture so many beautiful pics during the presentation!

thank you my orange buddies ( mk,sk,li qian), for giving us a fully support!

and last,thank you my lovely mummy, for lending me ur beautiful office wear, new high heels (though a bit leg pain after wearing it)... =_=""

hmm...quite enjoyed n relaxed at the whole presentation..although got a bit nervous b4 ~~ hehe!!! say honestly, we really din prepare well for it..juz 1-2 times rehearsal at library b4 the presentation getting started.
mayb, tis is bcoz we prepared enough infomations in the slide show,so.. ;P

anyway, this is my 1st time involved in the college's presentation, my 1st time in office wear too!! haha!! through this presentation, i hv learnt a lot including know wat is lampe berger (a product that wat we presented)how to be a presenter, how to decorate the slide show using power point, how to communicate with team mates while the praparation for the presentation~~

before presentation..nervous~ing!!

modeling during the presentation!

yeah! 来张大合照!!

ugly gals!!! wahaha!!

shocked shocked shocked!!!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

MAYDAY+ YL's house!! 070907-080907

well..i would like to say a sorry for the late update my blog since i quite busy with to prepare my presentation~~
ermm...070907, is a memorable day for me..why? bcoz had fun with my fellow frens again!

tat nite, we went to AUTOCITY with my fren,coz MAYDAY went there for promoting their new album!! Tis is the N TIME i 追星dee.haven't meet MAYDAY in realistic quite expect to meet them!! hehe!!

tat nite, went to my best buddy, yeongli's house too! who knows, i was totally get shocked n surprised while the first step i walked into her house!! LBS shouted "OMG" several times too when he saw her house!! funny la!! haha!! Yeongli's house juz like a palace le, or can say as grand as 5 star HOTEL!!!! her house so nice~ envy envy!!

well, after having dinner that cooked by lili's lovely popo, we direct went to AUTOCITY dee..MK's sis fetch us by her TOYOTA ALPHARD ..walao ehh, it was the 1st time i seat in one car tat can fit with 11ppl!! although WE felt pack, but syiok!
we took pics at AUTOCITY too..regconiced the places to my penang frens ( it was the 1st time they went there) a little bit of disapointment for me as it was raining cats & dogs at the whole nite, frm evening till nite, frm penang till tambun!!! i cannot kena hujan one le..if not...shihhhh~~ TOUCH WOOD!!!
wait arr wait ..finaly the moment that we waiting for ald appeared! hehehe!! i can see MAYDAY finally lo! everybody screamed for them, shouted with high frequency too!! especially MK n YL, they were the most excited among us~ they screamed, they jumped as they wanted to get the attention frm their lovely AH XIN lo!!!haha!! finally, their dream had come true oo!!

nite time...had a nice supper at MK's house!! i love laksa, i love bubu chacha!!! so yummy!!!! it was the 1st time for me walked along the street when on the way back at mid nite le!! dunno how to describe my feeling ... quiet? lonely?? excited?? whatever la!

it was 3 am ..but we felt tat the nite was still young lo!!! gathered at yeongli's room, playing "TRUTH or DARE" until the morning!! wohooo!! the 1st time i din slp whole nite le!!! omg!! so unbelievable tat i still feel so energitic though din slp whole nite!!! bravo!! but then, i oso hv a 15 minutes slp to avoid sleepy on the next day le! and soon khee be my alarm to wake me up! thks ya!

well...the next day, eaten a great n yummy breakfast at lili's house too!! after tat, we went to SUNWAY MALL gia gia since tat the penang boys dint went there b4..haha!! went NANDO's for lunch...nice meal but expensive oo!! quite full la actually..haha! A small incident has occured during that time oo... lili has broke a glass accidentally when she was talking to us~~~ nvm la.. "碎碎"平安 oo!! hehe!!

after tat, our gathering gonna say byebye dee lo!! everybody went home masing-masing and i very thks to lili for fetching me back on that day oo!!


thanks to my fellow frens~ love u all n frens 4eva! =)


on da way to TAMBUN, YL's house!

at autocity!!

the nite view so nice la!!

ah xin! ah xin!! (YL n MK's beloved!! haha!)

we purposely captured tis photo as a proof tat we relly meet MAYDAY oo..haha!!!

at lili's house! nice le! ...why u so funny ya??!!

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Accountancy Fair-060907

Today, departing at around 7.25am to INTI from home with LBS..
no class today actually but we still have to go to college..
for wat? bcoz we might attend a grand & big event which was held at USM~~


as an accounting student, i think it's a good oppocunity for me to gain new knowledges through tis fair.. so i went there with fulled of expectation!!! hehe!!
there was a total of 4 buses of TAFE students (sem 1- sem 4)went there this early morning..and I was in the bus 1 ~ :) after a short distance, we finally reached the destination! it was so crowded at there!!

well well well...we were arranged to sit quite far from the was not a feng shui place! > <"" initially i thought tat the opening ceremony juz a short moment before the talk started,but actually it was nope~ it used about 1 or and half hour for the VIP guest speeching and no doubt, i totally felt sleppy at the time..Luckily got chance to chit chat with new frens from china (actually is coursemates,juz tat no chance to know each other b4),so tat it was the only solution to avoid me to fall asleep. hehe!! both of the china gals come frm shan dong..they'r nice n friendly!!i like their slang in speaking 普通话! good good good!!!

tea break,we were out to eat nasi lemak by giving the voucher tat provided by the authorities to them. taken some pics too ~ met yeongli's brother also! according to yeongli,her bro came here was for gaining more information about this career though he is taking pharmacy now! wao.. :0

later on..back to the hall again n continued the talk~ the hall became not as quite as i thought already. the stage talked, the ground also talked! noisy!! like a pasar... Ivian fell asleep again..ahhaha!! Naughty yeongli had recorded the look of Ivian when she was sleeping!!! lolxxx!!

hmm..there was nothing special adee through this we went back at 2 something n arrived INTI at 3pm. here are some photos tat captured at the Accountancy Fair. ** SPECIAL THANKS TO YEONGLI AGAIN FOR SHARING ME THE PICTURES!!**

The building where the talk held. inside really big!!!

Grand event rite?~

captured pic in the hall ...see the guys who sit in front hide themselve with the newpaper, izzit purposely??! haha!!

me, ivian n 2 gals who come frm china...:)

me n ivian :>

nice spec rite?? gwen one o!

6 of us ~ at USM!

yummy yummy!!

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Happy day!

lalala so happie, coz accounting 1 final exam ald over o!!
After few days preparation, luckily i can do it today ~~ juz tat the mutiple choice part's questions damn confusing n tough, but anyway, all ald over d lo~hopefully i can get tat wat i expect ~n now, my tention is totally gone!!! wahaha!!!
Once we finished our exam, 6 of us plus fu jing went to Queensbay having lunch~ wanna know wat we ate juz now?? hehe! is PIZZA oo.. so yummy!! we ordered variety flavours of small pizza, spagatte, mushroom soup(my favourite, yummy!)..etc...
jiak arr jiak arr..until our stomarch get full...
OMG!! it was the 1st time tat i hv pizza so was juz RM60 only....for 7 person!!!! it means tat juz RM9 for one person only!! miracle miracle....haha!!! no le..tis is bcoz we ordered in set mia..tat's why the price so reasonable lo~~ hehe! :P
later, loitering or can say window shopping at QB lo..haha! then, went home~
today,did a lot of houseworks include changing the bed chuan la! ==""
hmm..didnt hv dinner at nite as i feel tat i'm still full..but around 9 something, started hungry wat? noodle again!! haha!! really jilak la... xD
received SMS frm LBS~~ "wanna go KAYU later??"
okok~tat's good! wanna eat roti tisu at there..too delicious dee!!
while waiting for them, continuing to watch my TVB soup opera (赌场风云) tat i havent finish yet even though i hv ald started to watch tis series few months ago dee!! swt~~
黄宗泽&苗乔伟太帅了!!! i love BOSCO!!

hohoho!! pizza hut!!

~myolie n bosco~so match le!

Monday, September 3, 2007

my daily routine ~3 sept 2007~

today, woke up at 6am for preparing to begin my new daily life~
6.45am, drank a cup of VICO with some biscuits! tasty!
7.05am, departed frm medan mutiara(my penang house)to INTI..,damn boring when attending the MYOB class! nothing to do so but luckily i had brought my MP3 to college so i can listen it to reduce my bored..hehehxxx!!
after having lunch, nothing to do again..6 of us lazy to go library for doing revision, so we loitered around the corridor then walked to the smokin' area coz it was the time for us to capture some silly+ nerd's photos!! wahahah!! here is the pics~

~TAFE's angles>>Yeongli, MK, Ivian, me, hooi xuan, Gwen ~ wahaha!!!!

~~anger poses~~ :P

~~kung fu gals~~ xD

~~cutie heart's shape~~ :)

~~let's dance together~~ ^@^

~~ happy moment!~~

**P/S special thks to yeongli for sharing me the pics!! **

12-2pm, attended the Accounting 2 class~
learnt new topic >>> PETTY CASH <<< soso la...quite boring at the 1st hour, ivian fell asleep again..haha!!
met osk n li qian at in front of LT B while short break ~ talked a lot lo..and discussed about whether we should choose concert or BBQ on 15 sept...actually both i oso wan la..but BBQ is more syiok le...hehe!!

back home..
wasted whole noon in on9 without doing any revision!!! gai liao exam is coming on this wed dee le!

nite time..
it was the first time for me n ivian went out to eat dinner so late..after we finished our meal, 8 something ald.. =="
then continued to stick in front of my laptop~ haha!!
LBS back frm kl , he promised us tat he will come to our house n share his exp about his KL trip later! waiting oo~~


~life of Noodles~

Everyday a bowl of noodles izzit good for our health??
undeniable, my favourite food surely is noodles, no matter in what taste, what type of noodles(orninary noodles or maggie mee)xD But ho, eating noodles everyday izzit not good to our health ?? remembered when i was in NS, cup noodle almost ald bcame my daily meal,of course, initially i was totally addicted in enjoying my favourite cup noodle, but sooner n later, i started to hate this food dee! why? bcoz i ald jemu dee lo~~ haha!! i dared not to tell my mum about it since my mum is totally not encouraging me to eat such un-nutritious food!, i hv ald eaten 1 1/2 of cintan mee after came back frm college, then fried mee again at night!! If let my mum know it, i'm sure tat i will get scolded again~ OMG!! i hate noodles dee la!

well well well...i getting to hate cup noodles..haha!!

I'm back!!

wohoo!! wat a long time i've not been here ald,since the last article tat i had written to my previous blog last year~~finally,I'M BACK!! hmm..most of my frens have created their own blog nowadays,dropping down their life's memories, no matter in happy or sad~ so there is a big motivation that cause me to 're-open' my blog! wahaha!! lalala i will try my best to update n make my blog as well as i can, so hope tat u guys will enjoy in reading my blog la.. :D