Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Haagen Dazs +KFC+ Good News ~20 Sept 2007~

hmm...tat day, we went to Queensbay mall for having our lunch..
not mee..not rice..not set lunch..

wahaha!! i din try it b4 le..tis was the 1st time for me too!!
juz know it frm my fren..dunno wat ice-cream with chocolate..hmm..
we ordered 2 sets which total cost about RM137.++ seems expensive but worth eating it!!!!!! hehehe!!
damn nice n yummy!!! i dunno how to decribe how the taste n feeling when the 1st scoop i put into my mouth!!! waoo..tat's great!!!!!!
for those who didnt try it b4..muz try once la! u wont regret de!! hehe!!

after having a nice lunch, yeongli said not full yet wo..
jom~~ pi KFC!!! i miss my Nuggets so much!! hehe!!
ordered 9 pisces of chicken, 1 set popcorn chicken, 1 set potato wedges,6 pisces of favourite!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
dun bother whether the food fattening bo can i tahan not to eat le?!!
chiak chiak chiak!!!!
mum mum mum!!!!
eat eat eat!!!!
so 满足我的食欲!!!! :P

back to college...ah beh's class!
the last class for him! so 舍不得啦~~
he gv us the presentation group's comments..
surprisingly.. my group got the best group among all the groups!! i felt so surprised n touched until my tears a bit..hehe!! our effort finally not wasted!!!! so happy!!!

nite time..LQ n LBS came to my house..LQ used my laptop to complete his assignment while LBS called us to help him do stuffs. and thks to LQ for treating us the 炒米粉oo! i ate 2 packs le!!!! too hungry dee..hehe!

conclusion, 20 sept 2007 is a happy day for me ^^



OSK said...

jiak till par par dat day...
Haagen Dazs rocks!

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