Monday, September 3, 2007

I'm back!!

wohoo!! wat a long time i've not been here ald,since the last article tat i had written to my previous blog last year~~finally,I'M BACK!! hmm..most of my frens have created their own blog nowadays,dropping down their life's memories, no matter in happy or sad~ so there is a big motivation that cause me to 're-open' my blog! wahaha!! lalala i will try my best to update n make my blog as well as i can, so hope tat u guys will enjoy in reading my blog la.. :D


=YeongLi= said...




so, Joanna Loo ar~!~ Do view my blog and LEAVE me some comments la har! hahahax!!

have fun blog-ing~

ivian said...

hai..joanna lulu..
welcum to cum bec ya!!
hop 2 see ur blog as much as u can..
u noe la..i m a boring person..
i no idea 2 do blog la..
so u do include my part loh ha..
"kaoh sai leh la..."
mus record all our gathering moment ya!!!
enjoy doing ur blog..

Joanna612 said...

sure o!! i will~~ dun worry! xD

OSK said...

welcome back join d blog kaki lah!
ivian oso cum do 1 lah!
go go jia you!