Thursday, September 6, 2007

Accountancy Fair-060907

Today, departing at around 7.25am to INTI from home with LBS..
no class today actually but we still have to go to college..
for wat? bcoz we might attend a grand & big event which was held at USM~~


as an accounting student, i think it's a good oppocunity for me to gain new knowledges through tis fair.. so i went there with fulled of expectation!!! hehe!!
there was a total of 4 buses of TAFE students (sem 1- sem 4)went there this early morning..and I was in the bus 1 ~ :) after a short distance, we finally reached the destination! it was so crowded at there!!

well well well...we were arranged to sit quite far from the was not a feng shui place! > <"" initially i thought tat the opening ceremony juz a short moment before the talk started,but actually it was nope~ it used about 1 or and half hour for the VIP guest speeching and no doubt, i totally felt sleppy at the time..Luckily got chance to chit chat with new frens from china (actually is coursemates,juz tat no chance to know each other b4),so tat it was the only solution to avoid me to fall asleep. hehe!! both of the china gals come frm shan dong..they'r nice n friendly!!i like their slang in speaking 普通话! good good good!!!

tea break,we were out to eat nasi lemak by giving the voucher tat provided by the authorities to them. taken some pics too ~ met yeongli's brother also! according to yeongli,her bro came here was for gaining more information about this career though he is taking pharmacy now! wao.. :0

later on..back to the hall again n continued the talk~ the hall became not as quite as i thought already. the stage talked, the ground also talked! noisy!! like a pasar... Ivian fell asleep again..ahhaha!! Naughty yeongli had recorded the look of Ivian when she was sleeping!!! lolxxx!!

hmm..there was nothing special adee through this we went back at 2 something n arrived INTI at 3pm. here are some photos tat captured at the Accountancy Fair. ** SPECIAL THANKS TO YEONGLI AGAIN FOR SHARING ME THE PICTURES!!**

The building where the talk held. inside really big!!!

Grand event rite?~

captured pic in the hall ...see the guys who sit in front hide themselve with the newpaper, izzit purposely??! haha!!

me, ivian n 2 gals who come frm china...:)

me n ivian :>

nice spec rite?? gwen one o!

6 of us ~ at USM!

yummy yummy!!

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eddie lim said...

View your blog already! I like the leehom's song! I think u purposely uplaoded the song in order to attract people visit your blog more frequently right? Haha just a joke