Thursday, September 27, 2007

988 Live Concert ~ 15 Sept 07~

ishhhh...rained rained rained!!!

tat day, there was a big function to be held at Queensbay OUtdoor car park..

it was 988 Live Concert which there were many local+foreign singers to be invited too!

Chance is precious! thanks LiQian for helping me to get the free tickets one week b4 the concert. LQ got 24 tickets so all of us can go to rockss again!

UNfrtunatly.. the bad weather cause us cancelled our plan! but then, i still wan to go! i wan to meet JUSTIN (侧田)!!!

since everybody had ald cancelled the plan,so i went there alone!! And this was the 1st time i drove alone to penang!!!! OMG!! gv myself a clap!!!! haha!!

arrived the destination, i was supposed feeling excited but nop..
bcoz of wat? RAINED AGAIN!!!! whole body wet wet wet!!!

yeah! i was not alone!! met my fren, yen shan with her cousins..we still determinated to wait for the concert although raining cats n dogs! :P

sooner n later...rain finally has stopped! Thank GOD!! n the concert started in the nick of time~~ hehe!!

we were allocated in normal zone..not VIP cant see the stage clearly..
动力火车 was the 1st singer in that continued with Superstar 黄俊源,许俾文,yumiko..etc..

afterwards, who knows,rained again!!!! lolxx..tak boleh tahan dee la.. wanna balik dee la!! kena hujan again..later sakit looooooooo!!!! but,WHERE ARE GARY N JUSTIN??!!! i din meet them yet woi!!! mana boleh?! haizz!!有缘无分咯!! b4 going back to bw, went to MCD mum mum 1st..hehe!

when i was loitering around outside the QB, suddendly i saw 动力火车passing over me nia!! i was totally shocked n i quickly say hello with them!!! aiya, forgot to take photo with them..ishhh!!

hey!!! finally i can meet justin dee!! it was his turn when the time i walked towards to get my car!! wahaha!!皇天不负有心人叻!!!He's so cute! and his voice sosososo great!! tat nite he sang 3 songs <<情歌>>,<>(my favourite!!)..opps! another one i forgot ald..paiseh ya! xP

~~JUSTIN~~ was the time to go back..
anyway, i ald satisfied as i meet him finally!!! hehehe!!!



OSK said...

looks like really hav fun dat nite...
very gud hor...
now can play under d rain need afraid...touchwood...

Joanna612 said...

actually ok nia la..
not so excited pun..
u guys all put aeroplane.haha!

=YeongLi= said...


THE LIN YU ZHONG?? IN 988 ?? Ernest went also =(

Joanna612 said...

i missed the lin yu zhong part lo!!
coz too late dee..moreover, rain again arr!! cannot tahan dee...balik kampung lo after justin's part.
lili..Err oso went lo?? how u know it??