Saturday, October 20, 2007

A visit to Ivian house!! 29 sept -30 sept

A very sorry again for the late update!!
the internet connection is too suck cause me lazy to update my blog recently..
anyway, i also need to update it as possible as i can to avoid being an outdate blogger! ahahahaxx!! was my 1st time went to ivian sim sim sim's house which located at Tasek Gelugor...wat a quite far n long distance frm butterworth or mainland to there!
Seems like a malay state...

that night ,us in 2 cars ( me, yeongli, lbs, mann,) ( sk, liqian) almost got lost when on the way to her house...

1st..too far dee...
2nd..too dark dee..

we were not familiar with that place so we started screaming...laughing...for help!!!!
omg! li qian's car wanna out of petrol pulak!!

luckly.. ah sim n her mom came over to rescue us! haha!!! they guided us to go to the destination..

yeah! reached ivian's house finally! wahwahwah!! her house nice lo!!! really 卧虎藏龙le!! nice! big! n clean! time for us to BBQ lo...makan makan makan...crapped crapped crapped...laughed laughed laughed!!!

lol...makan till tummy oso appeared dee le! ishh qian rr..why u so tall one le!!

cheersss!! drinking "branded" wain..

sob le...yeongli n lbs canot overnite at ivian's house...left me, mann, liqian n sk mia...
but we had a nice pillow talk on that night...and also the hantu talk!!! scary but interesting! i shared my experience when i was in the ns with them...ahahaxxx!!

the next morning... we slept till 11 something then we took some pics b4 going back to bworth.

pic take 1~~

pic take 2~~ weiii..i m not ready yet le!!

while on the way to bworth...ivian brought us went to visit the PIG FARM which located nearby her house called 平安村...haha!!! so cubie la the piggies!!

next...reached bworth dee..went to visit my lovely secondary school....


hahaha!!! long time din go back dee since the last time was canteen day....

a much difference with the building decoration n the ppl...all juniors~~ lol....small kids la!

later...hungry lol....pi makan my favourite chicken rice!!!! yummy la!!! ho chiak lol....

they all oso double thumbs up for it!!! haha!! somemore 打包叻!!!haha

2 something...they dropped by me at home...then i took my car to fetch ivian to meet her mom at chai leng park..and also guided liqian them to ferry terminal ...
b4 saying tata with them....let's hv a "inti forever inti forever inti forever" 1st lo...haha!!

..end.... =)

1 comment:

ivian said...

finally see u update ur blog
i also bad la
so late baru see ur blog
ur tummy where got appear la..
yorrr..ben tong ka lu errr
where got "branded" ?
yorrr...kua zhang la u!
reli miss tat moment
nvm..i will ask my mum to do again!
hehe.. still planninggg har...
wait her free 1st..
or next time go ur house!
ei..when wan to go out to play?
tell me if u wwan to go out!