Wednesday, September 12, 2007

MAYDAY+ YL's house!! 070907-080907

well..i would like to say a sorry for the late update my blog since i quite busy with to prepare my presentation~~
ermm...070907, is a memorable day for me..why? bcoz had fun with my fellow frens again!

tat nite, we went to AUTOCITY with my fren,coz MAYDAY went there for promoting their new album!! Tis is the N TIME i 追星dee.haven't meet MAYDAY in realistic quite expect to meet them!! hehe!!

tat nite, went to my best buddy, yeongli's house too! who knows, i was totally get shocked n surprised while the first step i walked into her house!! LBS shouted "OMG" several times too when he saw her house!! funny la!! haha!! Yeongli's house juz like a palace le, or can say as grand as 5 star HOTEL!!!! her house so nice~ envy envy!!

well, after having dinner that cooked by lili's lovely popo, we direct went to AUTOCITY dee..MK's sis fetch us by her TOYOTA ALPHARD ..walao ehh, it was the 1st time i seat in one car tat can fit with 11ppl!! although WE felt pack, but syiok!
we took pics at AUTOCITY too..regconiced the places to my penang frens ( it was the 1st time they went there) a little bit of disapointment for me as it was raining cats & dogs at the whole nite, frm evening till nite, frm penang till tambun!!! i cannot kena hujan one le..if not...shihhhh~~ TOUCH WOOD!!!
wait arr wait ..finaly the moment that we waiting for ald appeared! hehehe!! i can see MAYDAY finally lo! everybody screamed for them, shouted with high frequency too!! especially MK n YL, they were the most excited among us~ they screamed, they jumped as they wanted to get the attention frm their lovely AH XIN lo!!!haha!! finally, their dream had come true oo!!

nite time...had a nice supper at MK's house!! i love laksa, i love bubu chacha!!! so yummy!!!! it was the 1st time for me walked along the street when on the way back at mid nite le!! dunno how to describe my feeling ... quiet? lonely?? excited?? whatever la!

it was 3 am ..but we felt tat the nite was still young lo!!! gathered at yeongli's room, playing "TRUTH or DARE" until the morning!! wohooo!! the 1st time i din slp whole nite le!!! omg!! so unbelievable tat i still feel so energitic though din slp whole nite!!! bravo!! but then, i oso hv a 15 minutes slp to avoid sleepy on the next day le! and soon khee be my alarm to wake me up! thks ya!

well...the next day, eaten a great n yummy breakfast at lili's house too!! after tat, we went to SUNWAY MALL gia gia since tat the penang boys dint went there b4..haha!! went NANDO's for lunch...nice meal but expensive oo!! quite full la actually..haha! A small incident has occured during that time oo... lili has broke a glass accidentally when she was talking to us~~~ nvm la.. "碎碎"平安 oo!! hehe!!

after tat, our gathering gonna say byebye dee lo!! everybody went home masing-masing and i very thks to lili for fetching me back on that day oo!!


thanks to my fellow frens~ love u all n frens 4eva! =)


on da way to TAMBUN, YL's house!

at autocity!!

the nite view so nice la!!

ah xin! ah xin!! (YL n MK's beloved!! haha!)

we purposely captured tis photo as a proof tat we relly meet MAYDAY oo..haha!!!

at lili's house! nice le! ...why u so funny ya??!!


OSK said...

dat sat really great!
so many 1st time...
autocity 1st time...
mayday 1st time...
sunway 1st time...
really ENJOYED...

=YeongLi= said...

LOl.. Joanna..!

wei.. not palace or hotel la.. it is a warmth home..

well, really had fun with you all la..~!~



love HIM and you guys!


take care dear!