Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Happy day!

lalala so happie, coz accounting 1 final exam ald over o!!
After few days preparation, luckily i can do it today ~~ juz tat the mutiple choice part's questions damn confusing n tough, but anyway, all ald over d lo~hopefully i can get tat wat i expect ~n now, my tention is totally gone!!! wahaha!!!
Once we finished our exam, 6 of us plus fu jing went to Queensbay having lunch~ wanna know wat we ate juz now?? hehe! is PIZZA oo.. so yummy!! we ordered variety flavours of small pizza, spagatte, mushroom soup(my favourite, yummy!)..etc...
jiak arr jiak arr..until our stomarch get full...
OMG!! it was the 1st time tat i hv pizza so was juz RM60 only....for 7 person!!!! it means tat juz RM9 for one person only!! miracle miracle....haha!!! no le..tis is bcoz we ordered in set mia..tat's why the price so reasonable lo~~ hehe! :P
later, loitering or can say window shopping at QB lo..haha! then, went home~
today,did a lot of houseworks include changing the bed chuan la! ==""
hmm..didnt hv dinner at nite as i feel tat i'm still full..but around 9 something, started hungry wat? noodle again!! haha!! really jilak la... xD
received SMS frm LBS~~ "wanna go KAYU later??"
okok~tat's good! wanna eat roti tisu at there..too delicious dee!!
while waiting for them, continuing to watch my TVB soup opera (赌场风云) tat i havent finish yet even though i hv ald started to watch tis series few months ago dee!! swt~~
黄宗泽&苗乔伟太帅了!!! i love BOSCO!!

hohoho!! pizza hut!!

~myolie n bosco~so match le!


OSK said...

so hardworking lor...
do housework...
even though exam finish dee...
enjoy ur days after finals !

Joanna612 said...

abo le..if not, kena marah o!
my grandma got "spot check" every week one o!
yea...finals over..happy~ing!
it's time for us to go ki siao again lo! xD