Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Presentation ~19 SEPT 2007~

tat day, i felt so happy! why?
did well at the 1st time! ^^

thank GOD!!! for blessing me good luck!

thank you my team mates ( ah sim, gwen, miss mann n mr.shalen)
without u guys's cooperation n team spirit, i guess, we wont get such good performance in the presentation!

thank you lbs too..for teaching us some skills about how to be a good presenter!

thank you yeongli..for helping us to capture so many beautiful pics during the presentation!

thank you my orange buddies ( mk,sk,li qian), for giving us a fully support!

and last,thank you my lovely mummy, for lending me ur beautiful office wear, new high heels (though a bit leg pain after wearing it)... =_=""

hmm...quite enjoyed n relaxed at the whole presentation..although got a bit nervous b4 ~~ hehe!!! say honestly, we really din prepare well for it..juz 1-2 times rehearsal at library b4 the presentation getting started.
mayb, tis is bcoz we prepared enough infomations in the slide show,so.. ;P

anyway, this is my 1st time involved in the college's presentation, my 1st time in office wear too!! haha!! through this presentation, i hv learnt a lot including know wat is lampe berger (a product that wat we presented)how to be a presenter, how to decorate the slide show using power point, how to communicate with team mates while the praparation for the presentation~~

before presentation..nervous~ing!!

modeling during the presentation!

yeah! 来张大合照!!

ugly gals!!! wahaha!!

shocked shocked shocked!!!


ivian said...

yaya...lulu..really happy to b a team wif u in tat presentation..
u did it vy well..
u oso prepared the slide vy well..
thk u..
hopefully we will b a team forever..n work hard for another presentation..
yaya..really thanks to LQ,LBS,YL,SK,MK,AH BALL..thx for urs supporttt.n the most important person i need to thank is gwennn(for giving us this gud idea to do our presentation..)mannn, and shalennn(u r not bentan..u vy vy smart)..
good job everybody!!

OSK said...

presentation fun yea!