Friday, November 20, 2009

091119- Movie Day+ E Co

I've watched <2012> finally!
Seriously, it's a very nice blockbuster disaster movie.
I ain't say that this movie is the best, but it still can be rated as one of the best in the point of my view.
The CGI of the movie is pretty awesome and thumbs up! I was like WAO~ OMG~ COOL~ when watching it.
As a conclusion, this movie is worth to be watched in Cinema.
Highly Recommended.

After watching [2012], my friends and I went to E Co Cafe to meet Li Chuang. She just came back from KL. Having had a nice chit-chatting with each other too even though the gathering was just a while.

Besides, I've also bought the twilight saga-New Moon at Popular just now. Since I am given 20% discount, it's not a bad idea to get one so that I can read it to fill my leisure time. =)
Oh yea, the movie version is released soon. I'm so anticipating to watch it. lol.


Moon said...

YaY you bought New Moon!!!!

I reckon the book is way way way soooo much better than the movie!!! hehehe... but hor, i think new moon isn't the best out of the four =)

well, happy reading !! ^^

Joanna said...

haha!! Im still reading it now!
Its really interesting.
I keep imagining the scene and interactions btw Edward and Bella while reading it.

Im waiting for the movie version now.