Monday, November 16, 2009

Happy Holiday!!

Yes, I've finished my final ~~~FINALLY!!
From now onwards, I will no longer see all the accounting, law, economics and marketing thingy anymore! YES!!! I want to enjoy my holiday~!

Err, I feel lazy to blog now. So I share some pics which were taken during my exam week.
Seriously, it was a suffering and stressful exam week to me, especially the night before law and econs' paper. NIGHTMARES!!

See, I hate this kind of life!
But, we got no choice.
Coz this is what we so-called as university student's life.

Anyway, it was over.
And now, no stress no stress anymore~~~~~ ^^

Oh yea, I have a good news to share at here too.
The holiday that I'm having now is a super duper long term semester break, I would only start another new sem again on March 2009! hehehe! Syiok nyerr~~~ xD

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