Tuesday, November 17, 2009

091117- My Shopping Day 2

Wahaha. I went shopping again..but this time is window shopping with Sim. xD

We went to Gurney Plaza window shopping and also spent 3 hours singing K at Red Box.
Surprisingly, I found that Red Box has been updated with many Korean songs such as Suju and SNSD's song.

Well, without thinking much, I straightaway chose SORRY SORRY and IT'S YOU that sung by Suju. Yet, I was like mumbling when singing the songs due to my poor Korean pronoun cation. And I should dance the epic dance of Sorry Sorry but I din. I want to memorize the lyrics well so that I could sing it properly next time!!! Anyway, I feel that I have more confidence when I sing IT'S YOU. I wondered why too. Maybe it's easier than SORRY SORRY, but the pronoun cation is still a big problem to me. =(

We left Gurney around 6 something. We then dropped by at Sg.Pinang food court to buy something before going home. Unfortunately, it was heavy rain suddenly when the time we were ready to get back in the car. As a result, we needed to stay back until the rain stopped.

It was 8 something when I reached home. Damn tiring yet satisfying as I have utilized this whole day well and happy.

I tell you, this is one of my favorites. I would definitely order it whenever I have meal at Gurney Food Court. Yummy!! =D

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