Monday, November 16, 2009

I will rate these as my favorite video clips~ xD

I discovered this video when I was youtube~ing just now .
I LIKE this clip so much!!!
Wish to thank the video maker of this clip for making this and naming it with nice title.
It suits my TASTE!!!!!!!


I guess there are many of u must be very curious why I like him so much.
Err, actually I'm not that type so simply crazy over someone or adore someone blindly~ and please don't even think that I am just a stupid HUA CHI too~ I have reasons one ok. At least there must be something that can attract my attention about this fellow. The main reason is because of his harsh & touching story- A Chinese boy who is multi-talented and works very hard and tough at foreign country without giving up, full of passion and determination in order to pursue his dream.

Why I love him? Watch the videos until finish and u will find out the reasons why. =)

This is why I always feel proud to be one of his fans, even though I just started liking him 9 months ago. xD
He is very successful now. But I hope he can be strong and keep it up, and I believe that he would be a superstar in future too.. ^^

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