Thursday, January 8, 2009

Jojo's Birthday Celebration

First of all, I would like to wish Jojo Happy Birthday again~
Although ur day has just passed few days ago,
but u sure wont mine if I wish u again..right?! hahaa
In our gang, u are the first who have been reaching 20. haha!

On Monday (5th Jan 2009), we accompanied this birthday girl, Jojo going to Gurney.
We wanted to buy her present.
Therefore we have asked her to try any nice clothes that she liked in PADINI.
She has chosen a dress.
She liked it but she intended not to buy it since it was costly.

To avoid letting her knew that the dress would become her birthday present, we pretended normally and paid it up secretly.
We kept loitering in Gurney while we were waiting Dawen to finish his class and came here to meet us up.
After he reached, we left Gurney and went out for birthday celebration.

Our actual plan was having meal in Little Cottage initially..but due to the opening hour wasnt suit with Jojo's class hour, so we changed our option to Golden Steamboat.
We didnt sure the place but luckily Yeongli had guided me in phone. haha!
Since everyone was so happy and excited in that moment, who knows~ Golden Steamboat was closed. Lolxx..

We all were so frustrated!!!!
We were running out of time. It was around 5 and Jojo had to attend class at 6 something.
If we still havent find a place to settle our meal, we will eat nothing and our plan definitely will be spoiled!

We finally chose a small restaurant which was located in the New World Park.
The atmosphere was good but we had bad service from the foreign waiters. Lolx..
Anyhow, we enjoyed a happy and nice meal there.
We also gave Jojo a birthday surprise by singing birthday song with a birthday cake.
And she loved the celebration and the gift much.
She was shocked when she discovered that her birthday gift was that dress! ^^
After that, we sent her to college and we have also visited her college before we went home.



josephine said...

hey, thanks for d celebration n present!!!
I like them much!!!!

thanks ya~~appreciate them~~ ^^

Joanna said...

u are welcome o
we are glad that u like the dress and celebration

D@wen said...

Haha! Such a great moment huh! Everyone so excited! Haha! By the way, it is so nice to see every person eating style, so unique! Hehe!

Joanna said...

yalo!! hahaa!!

maicher said...

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