Tuesday, December 30, 2008

29 Dec- Dim Sum & Westfield

We have taken dim sum (actually should be considered as lunch) at GOLDEN LEAF RESTAURANT which was located in Prestron.
It was the second time we have been there.
We loved going there to have dim sum~
The food were so fresh and delicious!!
Uncle Chris was joining us along too...haha!
It was funny when I saw the way he used chopsticks to pick up the food.
By the way, he holded it well and naturally.

We went to Westfield shopping after we finished our dimsum
I bought a cloth too. =D

OMG!! when I saw this, I almost wanted to grab it and keep into my bag! hahaha!
Of course I din do so..although there was 50% sale, which means it was around $12 after the discount, but I cant buy it too due to it was still costly after converting to msia ringgit.

I had that intention again when I SAW THIS TOO!!!!!!


D@wen said...
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D@wen said...

Hey! Girl... You saw your Johnny Depp! Wow! What a big pleasure! Although it is just in the magazine! haha! However, you saw him still! Welcome back to Malaysia. You sure got a lot from this great trip. Well, we are waiting for your "grandma story" (very very long story), I mean you can publish a novel already, haha!

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