Saturday, December 27, 2008

27 Dec- Beach walking and Strawberry Farm

Today was a sunny day,
and yet, it was breezy and cooling all the time.
I've already applied sun block to my face, hands and legs but I still worried that I would become dark since I knew I will be walking and standing under the HOT SUN a whole day long.
Expectedly, I really become a bit dark! SUN BURN! It's true! SOB SOB!!

Okie, our journey was started as the following descriptions.
We set off to MOENINGTON PENISULA which was located in South East of Melbourne in 9am sharp by 2 cars.
My mom, siblings and myself followed my aunty's car while my dad and Uncle Chris drove another car.
We stopped by at the FRANKSTON PIER for the short while to take photos.

~On the way~the design is so special right?


city view

city view

When we reached FRANKSTON PIER....

What vehicle is this?!

Thereafter we proceed to another destination, MORNINGTON PIER.
We can see many people were fishing and the sea was full of yacths.
A nice place to visit!

A compass??! no idea..hehe

Actually I saw a snake in the bushes suddendly!!
But I ignored it after shouting for a while..hahahaa!


The people who standing behind me were busy fishing!

During lunch time, we had our meal at there too.
We ate fried rice which was prepared by my lovely aunty~

Relaxing under the tree~~~heehhh!

We then drove up to RED HILL and have visited a strawberry farm which was named as SUNNY RIDGE. What a cute name right?!
It was full of crowd and mostly were ASIANs. haha!

I never been CAMERON HIGHLANDS to pluck strawberry
But somehow, I have tried it in Australia. hahaha!

I tried the ice-cream too!
It was Hazel Nuts flavour..
NICE le.. =)

We went to FLINDERS JETTY before we back home.
Another nice place to visit too!
Cool Ocean Breezes~ White Sand Beach~ Just like a Paradise!

After we back home, pizza was our dinner.
Thanks to Uncle Chris for treating us the pizza.


Upcoming update:
Melbourne City


jerry said...

i like the sea~~~
so clean
nt like pantai bersih here~~~

Joanna said...

much better than pantai kotor.